The Art of Making Money: Swagbucks Review

How Swag is Swagbucks?

Name: Swagbucks
Price: None you just sign up,
redeem Swabucks 1000SB = £5 or US$10
Owners: Prodege
Overall Rank: 7 out of 10

Swagbucks: Making Money from Online Surveys & Videos

Swagbucks is another great way to make some extra money online. It it one of the most reputable websites where you can do surveys, watch videos and install & try out apps for their online money. That online money can in turn be exchanged for for rewards such as gift cards and money.

What is So Good About Swagbucks?

So what makes Swagbucks so good?

Well, it is one of the most reputable survey sites out there where you can use. It is used by a lot of students and some households online to make and extra buck as you only have to watch videos or do a survey.

The videos are generally short & easy to watch and surveys quick to do. So you can actually earn Swagbucks (their internal monetary system) fairly quickly. If you spend most of your time on a computer they try to make it fun with games and music as well.

You can also draw money easily to Amazon, Walmart giftcards which is quite useful or just for cash into your Paypal account. It generally takes a few days and most users have very little complaints of redeeming their Swagbucks.

Too Bad:

You still have to watch and do the videos or surveys which means you have to take time on your computer or mobile still. And you have to do quite a few of them to actually make some money. As mentioned 1000SB = £5 or US$10, therefore to technically make money you would have to watch approx. 200 videos/survey with time of 1~2mins. A bit time consuming you are a outgoing person.

It is geographically restricted it is only really usable in the US, UK or Australia, which too bad for other countries.

If you do not use Amazon giftcards or Paypal it might be a little harder to get paid.

Is Swagbucks Legit?

Well it is one of the more trusted survey sites out there. It even has it’s own Wikipedia page which shows how much notoriety it has gained. If you look at the Better Business Bureau it has an A rating. There has been no complaints from my side or on the forums (most complaints are the providers themselves). So feel free to try it.

So is Swagbucks for you?

Maybe, but only if you are in the US, UK or Australia. This is a really down side as for others who want to earn money it is just so much harder. If you are a student that is looking to make a few bucks on they wayside or looking for another income as you just arrived in mentioned countries. This is one of the best methods to help with a few expenses or for some “beermoney”.

Is There Training or Support?

Swagbucks provides a small video of how they do things and will also send you the occasional pointer to your email to help you get along. To use Swagbucks one you get going, is generally easy to get into.

Also a great way to get some support from others it to use Swagbucks reddit forum in which they discuss problems that you might encounter when using Swagbucks.

You have to Pay for Swagbucks?

No, you basically sign-up and you get straight into business. Though you might have to fill a few of your details though you can use it at your leisure. So it worth trying out.

Here it is if you feel like trying it out. 

In Conclusion

As mentioned Swagbucks is actually one of the better sources of income if you want to make money from home and it can be a steady source of income if you have some time to spend on it. If you looking for longer steady source of income it might be better to try blogging (internet marketing).  There is another site called Earnhoney (which I wrote about) where is not geographically restricted.

Though it is just best for the time being or for spare change.

So is Swagbucks Legit? Can you make money from it? VERDICT: LEGIT, and plausible but not for steady income.

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