Picoworkers Review, Please Read This Before Signing-Up

Name: Picoworkers
Website: picoworkers.com
Price: It is Free to Sign Up
Owners: US Origin (Owners remains anonymous)
Overall Rank: 65 out of 100 (it is promising on Net Business Rating)

What is Picoworkers? Is it A Scam?

Picoworkers is a microjobs website in the similar vein as mTurks and Microworkers. That means that you make do small jobs for the “hirers” then get paid for it and when you pass the threshold passed to your preferable account. Even though, sometimes they delay in payments, but they get paid out in the end. Which is pretty legit, right? READ ON…

What Are the Jobs Like on Picoworkers?

The work inside picoworkers is divided into small tasks and on-going work.

Small tasks may include
– Like a Facebook page
– Share posts on Facebook that you want to spread
– Follow you on Twitter
– Visit websites and learn about various products and services
– Review your products
– Post comments
– Watch videos
– Signing up to a website
– Any other miscellaneous work…
On-going work may include:
– Customer service rep
– Writing tasks on blogs and other online forums
– Providing content for social media profiles
– Creating simple web pages
– Commenting on blogs
– And others…

There seems to be a variety of jobs which anyone can do easily and at the comfort of their home.

What is There to Like About Picoworkers?

It has a variety of jobs that you can choose from which makes doing various tasks exciting. Most of the jobs do not take a lot of time maybe approx. 10mins or so, which is the norm for microjobs out there.

The withdrawal transaction is fairly easy and they use variety of ways to pay such as:
– Amazon Gift Cards
– Via Cheque
– Dogecoin
– Ethereum
– Litecoin
I like these cryptocurrencies as they are easy to exchange on various sites.
– Paypal
– Paysafe.com
This is really good as it offers many ways to pay someone or receive your payment. This is unlike Microworkers which needs your address to send a PIN and then to activate which takes really long. Seriously how long do you need to wait to get paid US$ 10? Or give your address out

It is rated promising on the Net Business Rating and reports most if not all have received their payments.

The have high standards, they prefer that workers keep 75% completed work within the 5 months or they have penalties. This means that both sides are happy with the job and it helps with your rating overall.

They have a good referral system which helps you make extra $$$ from finding others for them.

What’s the Problem with Picoworkers?

The fees are high :
–  Amazon Gift Cards 3%
– Via Cheque US$ 5
– Dogecoin 5.9%
– Ethereum 6.9%
– Litecoin 5.4%
I like these cryptocurrencies as they are easy to exchange on various sites.
– Paypal 3.25%
– Paysafe.com US$ 1
Which means for a payment of US$ 5~10 it is a bit off putting for some workers, though they have to run a business as well.

For the amount of work done the pay is still not high enough and then you still have to pay the fees. The you might as well try other things like online surveys or watching ads.

There is bit of competition out there and it is hard to get all the work done. Sometimes your work might not be accepted at all.

They remain anonymous owners of the Picoworkers. The company is called Octobrain Inc., though the address seems to be  addresses for various businesses.

Some of the microjobs done is ok, but some are not all jobs really as legit. Most are just ways to attract clicks or users so you can buy their products or make money for their clicks which is mentioned as a no-no on some terms and conditions. So choose WISELY.

Is Picoworkers for YOU?!

If you are looking for a part time gig that pays around US$ 30~ 50, this might be for you. They have confirmed payments and look to becoming a trustworthy site. Though…

I do NOT RECOMMEND IT… as I feel Swagbucks might be better.

Or you can check out my recommended way of making 4 figure business. 

Will they Provide Training in Picoworkers?

They do not provide a step by step program on how to complete your tasks. Though, most of the tasks are easy and should not take to long to get a hang of. There are a few support forums and guides out there that are in-depth and good to look at especially Net Business Ratings.

Do they have Any Hidden Costs?

Signing-up is fairly easy and there are no hidden costs to log-in to Picoworkers. The also give you US$ 0.75 to use on other jobs you can think of, maybe referring more to their cause is what they look for.

My Final Opinion of Picoworkers

I personally do not recommend Picoworker as to me it is very little money for amount of work done. I feel that the website itself is up and coming and they need more time to streamline their stuff and to make it easier for people to make money.  Though for people who  want to make an extra few bucks it might be something to look at though use CAUTION.

Check out my recommended way of making 4 figure business. 

Summary of Picoworker

Name: Picoworkers
Website: picoworkers.com
Price: It is Free to Sign Up
Owners: Octobrain Inc. US Origin (Owners remains anonymous)
Overall Rank: 65 out of 100 (it is promising on Net Business Rating)

VERDICT: LEGIT, though not highly recommended

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