My Wealthy Affiliate Adventure: A Wealthy Affiliate Review (My Honest Review)

I think it is important to introduce this cool tool that got me into the affiliate marketing business. It showed me the in’s and out’s of starting and maintaining an online business. I hope that my background into Wealthy Affiliate will help you make a well-informed decision if you want to try this program out.

  • The website:
  • Usability: 4.5 / 5
  • Support: 4 / 5
  • Inside functions: 4.5 / 5
  • Interaction with Users: 4.5 / 5
  • Overall Rating: 4.5 / 5
  • Price: Sign-up is Free with few lessons/ Premium is US$ 47 -per month
  • Great affiliate program which works well for beginners and pros

Have You Ever Heard…

  • I Just Made US$ XXXX.XX  at 21 years old!
  • From US$ 0 to US$ XXX per day
  • Wealthy Affiliate Sent you  US$ XXXX.XX
This is really, really POSSIBLE!

That was the story I was seeing from Wealthy Affiliate. I am glad that I tried it. I should me the in’s and out’s of affiliate marketing.

That is why I want to share it with YOU!

How I Started off…

I was a down-of-my-luck guy. My wages did not cover my bills completely and my bills weren’t my only expenses, As most users, I checked on the internet for many things to try out on working at home or trying to get a stable income. I tried many things (and still trying so I can write this) from cryptocurrencies, freelancing, hosting stuff, errands to almost anything at home and outside of home; you name it I might have tried it.

That’s when I got into looking into affiliate internet marketing and checking out all the various programs out there. Some were really good and some were just there to try to sell their “book” on success. The only problem most were heavy winded but did not provide enough interactive support or just a helping hand for example if you started like: How do you start a website? What do you to make $$$? Which programs work and which are scams? Is there anyone like me out there?

Most just kept it a tight lipped secret until you bought their stuff or book. Not even an inkling of trying these things out.

That’s When I Encountered in Wealthy Affiliate

As mentioned above, I looked into many many things that might work to get me some few dollars. Some worked and some didn’t. While I was looking into 1 of those schemes, I encountered Wealthy Affiliate. Again, I was looking into many money schemes and this was in-between a few of those. I was really skeptical.

Is Wealthy Affiliate really Legit?

I wasn’t sure at first. It was in-between all the other reviews and money making ideas, I could not really be sure.  Some of them worked and some of them tanked badly so I was not going to plan on making a bad decision. I was skeptical at first as mentioned but what really helped me make an informed decision was the 7 day try-out that Wealthy Affiliate provided. WA were cool with just me trying their affiliate marketing lessons out. That was a what encouraged me to try it. Besides, what did I have to lose?

The WA program did not pressurize me to pay up straight away for anything at all. There were warm welcome’s from newbies like me and professionals that made something from Wealthy Affiliate.I was still trying it out for the first 7 days they provided all the support of a premium, which made me feel that this could actually work.

Is this Legit? Yes. Is it a quick rich scheme? No.

As any legitmate internet marketing business you still have to put some work and plan into it to really get it running.

So I decided what did I have to lose and tried Wealthy Affiliate.

What Is Inside a Wealthy Affiliate Login

When I applied, I had many greetings from users in WA. The founders greeting I could see was a bot, but the newbies and the professional were not. That was a icebreaker as I still was not completely sure if this was all real. Though what they should me about the Wealthy Affiliate program was an eye-opener. I will get into few of these.

The encouragement: in the first 1 or 2 lessons WA gives you a chance to fill in your goals and ideas and how much you want to commit to them. When you see how much people have written and compare it to others it sets you up and gives a plan to work with. Really encouraging.

The lessons: they provide the only the first 3 levels out of 5 for free (it has big words Get Started Here). There was a lot but the videos and step-by-step lessons in small chucks of info was the best way to get me settled into internet marketing. Some lessons are how to set up a website, how to leverage social networks, how to make money.

The dashboard: the dashboard can be overwhelming at first but as you go along you find out the put ALL the tools that you might need to make money right in front of you. To name some: Keyword Research tools, Content Writing, Link Tracking, other lessons by other uses, SiteFeedback (comments from other users about how your website looks), just to name a few.

Your Personal Blog on WA: You can rant about your problems or just tell everyone about your progress in Wealthy Affiliate. It is almost like Facebook in WA which is really useful.

User interface from other users: They have integrated a chat into their dashboard as well. If you want to ask a question or you just want to say ‘good morning’, you use the chat function. They also give you great feedback on if they made money on WA as well and how to get started.

Support from Founders: Nothing beats that, getting a personal greeting from the designers themselves. As mentioned I was a bit sceptical as the first greetings was a bot (guess if you have 100k users maybe that is better). The did reply back.  You see the co-founder on chat periodically and if you ask questions they answer too. In the end I could feel that personal support.

In the end I was impressed with WA. I had to make a decision as well.

Should I Go Premium?

That is entirely up you. WA allows you to try their features for 7 days but there is just SO MANY features  few days is not enough. At least it is enough for you to try. They have so much in their internet marketing education that it is really a certification and like most education it is best to pay for a certification. Though some of the features:

You can check out more about the premium features here.

In Conclusion with a Bonus

Is it for everyone? Not necessary, as it is legitimate business you still have to put work into your online business and it is not really just easy money. Though if you are dedicated enough and determined to make a money Wealthy Affiliate is the place to go.

Go on, try it. Joining the program is US$ 0 and if you do not like it you can come back and yell at me if you want. It’s free so what have you got to lose. When you join, set your account up.  Only then will you see the full scope of WA. Setting up your account is simple and I will help along the way too.

Why not try WA for few days? You can sign-up from here.

Regards the BONUS, when you join your FREE Starter Account, I am going to offer you a bonus if you do decide to become a PREMIUM member in the first 7 days (including a 59% discount). I will also drop a hello when you sign-up.

So try it. It is out there. For new ones or people well in the internet marketing field you will not know what you’ve been missing until you step into it.

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3 thoughts on “My Wealthy Affiliate Adventure: A Wealthy Affiliate Review (My Honest Review)”

  1. It is nice to read that affiliate marketing on the internet is a legitimate business and not some get-rich-quick scam. I have seen several affiliate marketing scams and most of them sound too good to be true.

    But this Wealthy Affiliate sounds like the real deal. I really like that they let you start for free and give you a fair amount of training all for no money. And even when they do ask you for money it is only $49. That is amazing!

    I am going to have to check out this Wealthy Affiliate and see what it is all about. I hope there are no upsells involved because that would be a problem for me. Most all scams have upsells and it is how I know if I should try something or not.

    1. It is good, just try it out. Signing-up is free and you always try the functions for 7 days before going to premium.

      After trying premium you just continue who knows.

      All the best!

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