Google Core Algorithm Update (what It Means for Bloggers on Google)

Each time Google rolls out an update, bloggers such as you and I get the brunt of it. Of course it takes heart to write about your favourite content and to be helpful in it, but then there is also SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which is basically how high you are rated on Google so users can find you easier.

More users = Being More helpful = More Monetary Value

That is what we all strive for unless you writing about your secret diary (even then it seems you want the world to know anyway). So YES, SEO affects us all. If Google updates its Core Algorithm (I am talking CORE changes), it affects SEO which affects us all.

So after searching the internet (so many graphs and words), I just wanted to summarise these updates and how it affected us. I do hope this is helpful and you ca something out of it.

What is a Google Search Algorithm???

This is the only graph I could find from 2012, at least it proves the point.

Basically, it is the super code that helps google pick sites that are relevant to the users topic. They have a core algorithm which controls everything and other algorithms which define specific searches. Of course other Search Engines such as Bing, Baidu Yahoo and DuckDuckGo all have their own algorithms but Google risen to the top.

That’s why we say: “Let Me Google That.”

Of course we want to keep an eye on other search engines but we are concerned if Google changes their Core Algorithm (even if it peeves us off). It messes up with search engine tools too so they have to try find out why and redo their apps with updates too. So what updates has their been?

What Updates Have There Been on Google Search Engine?

Well 1 thing we have to remember that the engineers and mathematicians are humans too (robots still need programming by humans). So from time to time they mess up and they do mini-updates on their search engines quite frequently (when I say frequently sometimes approx. 7~8 times per week). Though here are the bigger updates we need to take note of:

For Google Search Engine updates they post quite frequently and answer questions on their twitter account here. If you want to read it all.

The most recent is 2019 June Core Update. This is the first pre-announced core update to date. This has been rolling out as I am writing this article. Bascically they have been redefining some grouping for subdomains and putting priority on EAT (Effectiveness, Authoritiveness, Trustworthiness). Biggest loser is CCN (CryptoCoinsNews dropped by 50%) and winners seem to be tabloid magazine (The Mirror, a UK tabloid magazine). Seems they are aiming for relevancy (what we ALL talk about) and transparency (sites with less dubious links and financial gains – face it, cryptcurrency is still best illegal way, sadly, that fraudsters use) and (theory of) paid searches.  

The other one 2019 March Core Update. This has has mainly impacted the health industry. This search core algorithm put priority in indexing pages that centered on the health and food industry (like Yelp & Dr. Axe) and impacted some news and some glamour magazines (GQ & Vanity Fair).

Google kind of lost their creative naming and dropped it to help people isolate key changes and updates to their core algorithm.

Previously more significant updates in summary they had:

  • Google Pandain 2011They started to do a crackdown on pages which where just sucking up keywords for SEO with no content.
  • Google Penguin, which happened in 2012, they worked to towards decreasing relevancy in sites with unnnatural site users or sites that used black-hat SEO (backlinks that are misleading)
  • Google Hummingbird, that happened in 2012, which expanded their searches to improve on their foreign searches (that explains why you have some more pages in Arabic and Hindi and started asking you more silly questions.

You can Google or Wiki it if you want more info (the graphs the horror), I am starting to get tired of offering links.

What it Means for Us as Bloggers

In short, Google is always looking for what is RELEVANT to people worldwide. If are looking to doing more in blogs in the health niche or just tabloid news niche that is looking good. You might want to keep steer away, if you are looking into stuff with unknown or strange sources such as cryptocurrency. And of course, no misleading info.

The above effect wider range of industries which can give you an idea of what you want to try in a niche. Always remember to follow the EAT principal (which they preach about in all SEO), Effectiveness, Authortitiveness, Trustworthiness, all engines go by if not being paid. This means:

  • You want your site content to be transparent and helpful.
    – In a thought, reviews are still good, just make sure it is insightful and helps people.
  • Build more authority by being a unique brand, which means writing stuff with your views and writing frequently.
  • Keep on optimizing for user intent, again it is about the person. So not just write with keywords but with heart. Always try to interact with your audience too.

What is Next For Google Search Engine & Optimizing Core Updates?

Most of it, is just speculation. They will probably do few more fixes and updates to the new core updates from time to time. For big updates this might be Google for now (generally limit it to a few in a year to not dirupt it all), as they gather information and get more thoughts on the matter.  You can be sure that they will find ways to increase transparency and unique helpful content

My Conclusion on the Core Updte

At this point, people like you and me are never going to be 100% sure what Google will come up with. What we do know is that Google will keep trying to find out what people like and what they want to know. So it is always good for bloggers to keep an eye on what is happening around them and to the world, and always keep your indivuality (just be you).

So what is your thought on Googles Core Algorithm Updates? Please let a thought and let me know too.

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