Gaming Jobs Online Review (Read First Before Signing Up)

It sounds like a dream job, right? Getting paid to play games. Then comes a website that mentions just that. Then you sign-up pay the fee and… its not what you think. 

Many have encountered this site but found it was too good to be true. Why? Let me show you Before you sign up.

Gaming Jobs Online Review

Name: Gaming Jobs Online
Price: Sign-Up is $1/- + Upsells of $31
Owners: Glen Anderson
Scheme Type: Online Survey & Educational Scheme
Overall Rank: 50 out of 100

Overall Idea of what Gaming Jobs Online is About

Gaming Jobs Online what it really in essense is a survey site where you get paid to do surveys. The secondary function of Gaming Jobs Online is coaching how to spruce out your CV in order do jobs playing games. They are NOT a company that acts a medium to find Gaming Jobs but they do have job listings (you still have to apply yourself).

The devil is the fineprint… at the end of the website.

Video Game Tester Jobs. This site and the products and services offered on this site are not associated, affiliated, endorsed or sponsored by Google, Clickbetter, eBay, Amazon, Yahoo, Bing, nor have they been reviewed tested or certified by Google, Clickbetter, Yahoo, eBay, Amazon or Bing.  The typical user does not make any money using this system.

They are at least honest with you in the fineprint

Why would you look at Gaming Jobs Online then? There are a few points you will want to keep in mind if you apply…

What Pro is there to Try Gaming Jobs Online

So what good is there to this site and product. Well

  • They, have few surveys in there so that you make a quick few bucks. It is not a lot but something that you can go on before going into apply for those gaming jobs.
  • They are on Clickbank, if you are not satisfied with their product and want to refund there is a 60 day window in order to do so. I recommend going through Clickbank so you can at least get the refund. 
  • The site does have a comprehensive way on how to apply to play games as a job e.g giving in-depth knowledge how to apply, how to set up gaming website, what to use…

Though what makes it no good is the Cons, the cons that destroy it credibility and makes consumers like us annoyed…

Cons That Matter….Gaming Jobs Online Exposed

If this is something you want to try this is surely the part you want to take the MOST attention to as Gaming Jobs is not what it seems it is to the tune of:

  • It IS NOT a company that acts a medium between famous gaming companies. It states so in the fineprint, but users walk into it like a trap. Sure they have listings for such jobs but you still on your own. They won’t vouch or help you through it. You basically on your own.
  • That is not the only misleading part of Gaming Jobs Online, they give you huge numbers on what game testers make (which isn’t true – check Glassdoor), they expand numbers (come now $100K is NOT TRUE), and you will NOT be playing the coolest games -so they are really empty promises feeding on your shattered dreams.
  • If you become a member there are upsells NOT just $1 memberships. so be sure to keep eye on your Paypal account.
  • The website for eductional purposes has a few advertisements and outdated videos so that is not really as helpful as it seems.

You see, it is not all it seems to be. Still up for it? You can read on the details.

Would YOU be suitable to try Gaming Jobs Online?

If you are strapped on cash and really looking for a lift off AND also want a way on how to get your way into the Gaming Job world, this might be for you.

Though, if you are looking for a free cash and looking for paid surveys it is better to try Swagbucks (in which I have written a review here).

If you looking for ways to be a professional online gamer, there are free sources around the web. You have to try a little harder to look for it. If you need an intermediatry to help apply try Upwork or Fivver.

There are quite a few ways if you are trying to make money online. I personally got into Internet Marketing and Wealthy Affiliates is free to try. You can check my review on it here.

Tools & Training that Gaming Jobs Online Posesses

You can see some of the stuff in the dashboard,  through the accompanying picture below:

That is how it looks like inside.

As mentioned it does possess some useful information and videos on what to do to get the job as a game tester and how to set your game website. Some of it is descriptive and has helped to score some jobs. It has videos and instructions on what to do and it has surveys you can use to make that extra cash as you apply.

Think of it as good advice.

THOUGH some of the videos are outdated and some of the information you can get free from the internet.

Support Provided by Gaming Jobs Online

There is not much community support for Gaming Jobs Online as I can see. There is a few reviews online (that I tried to put together).

There is internal support from the dashboard in which you can contact and try resolve issues. If you have any problems that arise from transactions you can use the Clickbank service desk which helps facilitate payments to Gaming Jobs Online.

Prices That You Should Keep an Eye On

Again, the initial sign-up fee is $1 but that is to get you into the actual prices of getting more info which is $5 and a membership upsell of $25/-per month, which comes to a total of $37 with monthly.

That is important, if you still want to sign-up here.

My View on Gaming Jobs Online

All I can say, it is too good to be true. It is a legit site with some useful information but it is not really something I could recommend to users especially if there is better out there.

If you still want to try it. It is good to have REALISTIC view of pay for game testers, what you are actually paying this site, and what they actually do.

at a Glance…

Name: Gaming Jobs Online
Price: Sign-Up is $1/- + Upsells of $31
Owners: Glen Anderson
Scheme Type: Online Survey & Educational Scheme
Overall Rank: 50 out of 100 BUT Dependability Rank 40/100

VERDICT: LEGIT, not recommended as it is selling overinflated views of real life stuff.

Have you tried Gaming Jobs Online? What has YOUR personal experience been? Please leave a comment.

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