Diaworkers Review – Mini Jobs Online for Money (the Truth)

An online pal of mine notified of a new Mini Job website that seems to be up and coming so I went in to investigate it. Kudos to you for finding another beermoney maker…

Diaworkers Review – Read before you Try It Out

Name: Diaworkers
Website: https://diaworkers.com
Price: Free Sign-up, Give you $1 “incentive”
– Jobs Range from US$ 0.02 ~ US$ 0.35
Owners: Unknown (prevalant with these sites)
Scheme Type: Mini Jobs Online Scheme
Overall Rank: 50 out of 100

What is Diaworkers About? 

Basically it is an online website that posts small jobs  which you can complete online and you get paid for it. It is very similar to some of the reviews of mini job site we reviewed previously such as Picoworkers or Neobux. It should be rather straight forward right?


But… what to look for Diaworkers that YOU need to know about? Carry on and get a better idea of knowing if Diaworkers is legit or not OR what type of Mini Job Websites might be good for you (this might serve as a good litmus for new mini jobs website you want to try).

Positives, Cons and the Ugly…

Good Thing About Diaworkers…

Diaworkers Dashboard… looks good & fresh

re is some good points about Diaworkers that is worth a look at:

  • Diaworkers is fairly new, which is good as you get to monopolize on the mini jobs they have. Where some such as Tuks or Picoworkers (getting there) already getting saturated with competition. Diaworkers hasn’t yet.
  • Again as it is starting to go up and running, more chance they will not drop payments In other words they are more inclined to pay you in order to build more street cred. Most keep this up for up to a year before problems arise.
  • They use many ways to pay and get paid (Paypal, Bitcoin and Bank Transfers) so you have a variety of ways to pay.

So… as you see eveything is fresh and new as you sign-up, which is a good leverage if you start within the time period.

It Can Also Be Bad for Diaworkers too…

It is not all sunshine and flowers if a new mini job site comes up;

  • Again as Diaworkers is so new you might get SOME support from the developer but next to no support from other users. I emphasize SOME as the owner is still working the chinks out the site so will not always be able to help either.
  • As the owner still hasn’t got it all up and running, high probablility payments will be delayed. They will pay you (for the credibility as you could give them bad rating) but just take time to sort the issues out.
  • There aren’t as many jobs posted on Diaworkers as yet. If you are looking to do around 50~100 actions, there is only approx. 14 posted as of today. Not nearly enough to get threshold payment within today.

Who might Diaworkers Be Fit For?

At this moment, if you have tried other Beermoney websites and want to get a head start this might be good for you.

Unless Diaworkers increase they’re marketing still another 2 months before you see more activity within their site. If you are new to mini jobs this is not recommended for you.

Does Diaworkers have Tools & Training

At this moment Diaworkers, does not really have any good tools or training, probably assuming that you have tried some mini jobs online. Most of the mini jobs have a thorough description and they have some details on have to give them proof of work.

Diaworkers Support There?

At least you are not yelling into a black hole, I have tested their reply and the support generally answers within an hour of your support ticket being sent out.

Though apart from that as they are faily new there has not been enough replies or complaints that will help you to handle problems.

Diaworkers Price… per job done & % to Withdraw

The amount of money you get for jobs done range from US$ 0.35 ~ 0.02/- per job. When you get to the threshold withdraw percetage is 3% (that is slightly better than the others such as Picoworkers with charge around 8% or a flat rate)


My Final Opinion of Diaworkers…

They are looking to be as legit as possible but with these sites it will take at least 1 year before they can really say if they are legit or not (owner could still do a grab and dash). Only time can tell if they will carry on. But, it seems that at the present they won’t do that so you can take advantage of that and make some money out of it.

It is always good to try more than 1 source

I recommend supplementing that with other mini-jobs such as Picoworkers, and online surveys such as Swagbucks to make sure you don’t have all your eggs in the basket.

Diaworkers at a Glance…

Name: Diaworkers
Website: https://diaworkers.com
Price: Free Sign-up, Give you $1 “incentive”
– Jobs Range from US$ 0.02 ~ US$ 0.35
Owners: Unknown (prevalant with these sites)
Scheme Type: Mini Jobs Online Scheme
Overall Rank: 50 out of 100

VERDICT: LEGIT for now, trust and credility will only be obvious after 6 months. For now they try to be legit as possible.

Starting to try Diaworkers? Working on other mini job sites that need a good look through? Drop a comment please let me know. 

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