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I found so many hyped reviews about Cash Juice and I wanted to see what it was all about. It was getting too much hype and sometimes it makes it hard to believe. So here is what I found about Cash Juiceas advertising source. 

Cash Juice Review

Name: Cash Juice Online
Price: Sign-up is Free, Premium
Scheme Type: Online Marketing Social Platform
Owners: Darren Merret
Overall Rank: 60 out of 100

Cash Juice – Main Overview

So Cash Juice is a social platform for affiliate marketers to advertise themselves, their product and get some tips. The say they want to make money from (ahem, for) you and to help you in order to make money online.

All you need to do is blog in their space then promote some products then viola, money online.

Begs the question, is it too good to be true?

The Good in Cash Juice Online, which looks Legit

It does have a feel that they want to help and some good to it. Here are some of the pro’s that I encountered.

  • Their dashboard looks easy and simple to use. The navigation seems to be great and there is a few analytics to help you see if you are earning or gaining
  • There is quite a number of support and assistance on the page, with videos, step-by-step walkthroughs, and a strong community with their tips and advice.
  • There is a 60-day-money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with using their program.

What About The Shady Side of Cash Juice

Well Cash Juice is not the end all and absolute answer to making money online:

  • The initial page does not tell you much of what it really does so people in general aren’t as interested in it as with other programs which have more users and more exposure. It is done in a very rudimentary way.
  • There is only 1 payment method which is by direct transfer, it does not support other methods of payment such as Paypal or Skrill. I have not seen people who have actually been paid as well.
  • The founder himself (Darren Merrett) is the owner of Traffic Adbar, which itself is just doing okay. He just decided another one with another name would be better.

Who is Cash Juice For?

It can be for anyone who just started with affiliate marketing and wants to pick up on some good tips or a seasoned marketer who is just there to promote his product to more people.

Cash Juice’s useful Tools, Training & Support

The good thing I mentioned earlier is that Cash Juice does offer an assortment of training and videos for you to get started. The community itself also seems to be supportive offering tips and advice on good landing pages and over internet marketing.

Prices Mentioned in Cash Juice

There is not a lot of Upsells which is good to see, they rely mainly on people upgrading to premium which is $29. If you are not happy you can get your money back within 60 days.

Looks simple enough

What Do I Think of Cash Juice

It is a really good concept as everyone needs help in the affiliate marketing world. We all need advice and pointers on what to do and what niche to pick out. Cash Juice does just that. Though if you want to go premium it is up to you as the tools and other stuff it provides less than what I used. Most importantly, you still need hard work and dedication in order to make a program a successful creation 

You can check out what I use here. If you want. 

In Short Cash Juice Online…

Name: Cash Juice Online
Price: Sign-up is Free, Premium
Scheme Type: Online Marketing Social Platform
Owners: Darren Merret
Overall Rank: 60 out of 100

VERDICT: LEGIT, they want help. Make sure that using it will HELP not HINDER your affiliate marketing success.

Any ideas of using Cash Juice? Anything I should look out for? Please leave a comment to let me know. 

Google Core Algorithm Update (what It Means for Bloggers on Google)

Each time Google rolls out an update, bloggers such as you and I get the brunt of it. Of course it takes heart to write about your favourite content and to be helpful in it, but then there is also SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which is basically how high you are rated on Google so users can find you easier.

More users = Being More helpful = More Monetary Value

That is what we all strive for unless you writing about your secret diary (even then it seems you want the world to know anyway). So YES, SEO affects us all. If Google updates its Core Algorithm (I am talking CORE changes), it affects SEO which affects us all.

So after searching the internet (so many graphs and words), I just wanted to summarise these updates and how it affected us. I do hope this is helpful and you ca something out of it.

What is a Google Search Algorithm???

This is the only graph I could find from 2012, at least it proves the point.

Basically, it is the super code that helps google pick sites that are relevant to the users topic. They have a core algorithm which controls everything and other algorithms which define specific searches. Of course other Search Engines such as Bing, Baidu Yahoo and DuckDuckGo all have their own algorithms but Google risen to the top.

That’s why we say: “Let Me Google That.”

Of course we want to keep an eye on other search engines but we are concerned if Google changes their Core Algorithm (even if it peeves us off). It messes up with search engine tools too so they have to try find out why and redo their apps with updates too. So what updates has their been?

What Updates Have There Been on Google Search Engine?

Well 1 thing we have to remember that the engineers and mathematicians are humans too (robots still need programming by humans). So from time to time they mess up and they do mini-updates on their search engines quite frequently (when I say frequently sometimes approx. 7~8 times per week). Though here are the bigger updates we need to take note of:

For Google Search Engine updates they post quite frequently and answer questions on their twitter account here. If you want to read it all.

The most recent is 2019 June Core Update. This is the first pre-announced core update to date. This has been rolling out as I am writing this article. Bascically they have been redefining some grouping for subdomains and putting priority on EAT (Effectiveness, Authoritiveness, Trustworthiness). Biggest loser is CCN (CryptoCoinsNews dropped by 50%) and winners seem to be tabloid magazine (The Mirror, a UK tabloid magazine). Seems they are aiming for relevancy (what we ALL talk about) and transparency (sites with less dubious links and financial gains – face it, cryptcurrency is still best illegal way, sadly, that fraudsters use) and (theory of) paid searches.  

The other one 2019 March Core Update. This has has mainly impacted the health industry. This search core algorithm put priority in indexing pages that centered on the health and food industry (like Yelp & Dr. Axe) and impacted some news and some glamour magazines (GQ & Vanity Fair).

Google kind of lost their creative naming and dropped it to help people isolate key changes and updates to their core algorithm.

Previously more significant updates in summary they had:

  • Google Pandain 2011They started to do a crackdown on pages which where just sucking up keywords for SEO with no content.
  • Google Penguin, which happened in 2012, they worked to towards decreasing relevancy in sites with unnnatural site users or sites that used black-hat SEO (backlinks that are misleading)
  • Google Hummingbird, that happened in 2012, which expanded their searches to improve on their foreign searches (that explains why you have some more pages in Arabic and Hindi and started asking you more silly questions.

You can Google or Wiki it if you want more info (the graphs the horror), I am starting to get tired of offering links.

What it Means for Us as Bloggers

In short, Google is always looking for what is RELEVANT to people worldwide. If are looking to doing more in blogs in the health niche or just tabloid news niche that is looking good. You might want to keep steer away, if you are looking into stuff with unknown or strange sources such as cryptocurrency. And of course, no misleading info.

The above effect wider range of industries which can give you an idea of what you want to try in a niche. Always remember to follow the EAT principal (which they preach about in all SEO), Effectiveness, Authortitiveness, Trustworthiness, all engines go by if not being paid. This means:

  • You want your site content to be transparent and helpful.
    – In a thought, reviews are still good, just make sure it is insightful and helps people.
  • Build more authority by being a unique brand, which means writing stuff with your views and writing frequently.
  • Keep on optimizing for user intent, again it is about the person. So not just write with keywords but with heart. Always try to interact with your audience too.

What is Next For Google Search Engine & Optimizing Core Updates?

Most of it, is just speculation. They will probably do few more fixes and updates to the new core updates from time to time. For big updates this might be Google for now (generally limit it to a few in a year to not dirupt it all), as they gather information and get more thoughts on the matter.  You can be sure that they will find ways to increase transparency and unique helpful content

My Conclusion on the Core Updte

At this point, people like you and me are never going to be 100% sure what Google will come up with. What we do know is that Google will keep trying to find out what people like and what they want to know. So it is always good for bloggers to keep an eye on what is happening around them and to the world, and always keep your indivuality (just be you).

So what is your thought on Googles Core Algorithm Updates? Please let a thought and let me know too.

Even Before Job is in Jeopardy, Always Have Room For Plan B (Make Sure you Do This)

Some say, the economy is thriving now and it has never been any better. Though, we are living in a “good” economy now somehow we still have people who have sad tales to tell of how they were recently laid off after years on the job. It has been a sudden punch to the gut that they don’t know what to do. A good example is in the culminary business Jamie Oliver’s restaurants closed after a few years but leaving an aftermath of 1000+ employees without employment. Jamie is okay as he has a Plan B, his staff not so much.

If you look at the job market today still their are on-going emails, phonecalls, messages and articles that just keep on ringing of people who are stll looking for a job. It just sense that stable economy = stable job.

It is true that there are still demands for jobs out there especially in the tech industry which still on the rise and you could still land your dream job. Though, if you are have been a businessman or investment guru, actually common sense will tell, what goes up must always come down. It is just how businesses work even large companies such as AliBaba, Facebook or even Apple, they will have their ups then they will have their downs. Then they go cut jobs.

Not to mention if it goes so low that the economy hits another downturn or recession due to powers beyond any of our control.

Even as an old general in the company for many years about to retire, that is not a guarantee either. It seems that the trend in market now is to find interns that are fraction of anolder employees salary to do the job. That’s how they save on costs.

So, as a young man/woman going into the job industry, or someone who is currently content with their job or just an employee that is about to retire, it is always good to have a plan B. Here’s what you should be doing even if you are still in a job …

Be Attentive To Whats In The Office

The office can be a cutthroat place especially if you have a long standing achievements in the company. So as you go about your daily acitivities in the office remember to:

Always be attentive to what is happening in your office

Maybe have a talk with your employer or your colleagues, take not of any job relocations or a downturn in the industry. Always keep an eye out for some tell-tale signs of something fishy going on. You should always be comfortable in your job by remember: hope for the best and expect the worst.

Keep Your Options Open

As the world changes without giving most people time to even think about it, it is always good to have options even before the axe drops. Here is a few ideas you could do to keep your options open:

In a stable market, always have a fallout plan.

  • Haven’t updated your skills yet? Try updating your resume/ CV from time to time. If you time permits keep an eye on your linkedin profile and update that as well. Maybe keep in touch with old friends and business partners.
  • Keep on weighing your options on what is going around in the job market. If recruiters are recruiting, or classifieds has a few ads, keep an eye on what is going around in your industry.
  • Look out for locations that might have more of jobs that require your expertise. If you really need to go at least you know where to go.
  • If your spouse is working: make sure they keep their options open, such as looking out for higher salary or just other jobs in general

So the point is to keep attentive to the job market. Enough that your remain Woke, but not too much that it seems that you are actively looking for another job. There is also some passive activities you can do…

Old Dog New Tricks, New Dog New Tricks

An old dog should always try new tricks

Again as the world changes dramatically a person mist always remain adaptable to to what is happening around you. Even in a passive sense you can do that.

Try taking taking on extra lessons to expand your skills or if you are older in the market how about going back to school. I have heard people pivot before from doing office jobs to programming because they learnt Java, Ruby-on-Rails. Or learnt another language to be more adaptable. Even if you do not leave your job these skills will help you in the long run and expand your horizons.

How About Starting A Side Business (Side-Hustle)

This does not have to interfere with your job it can be something you are interested in want to take on. Something that takes time to grow but what you can work on in your spare time. It is always good to have some extra income to supplement your main income as well.

There have been some who have gone into blogging, some have gone into part time programming, maybe even building a website is good as well. Some do some microjobs or even part-time tour guides as they enjoy doing something different. Some also do part-time investing with the extra they have. There is so much if you keep an eye.

Mindset is Everything

Above all remember NEVER go into a downward spiral of negativity, that can make you feel powerless and drain your energy. It can be hard if you fall into a rut, to pull yourself back up again.

So remember to remain positive, motivated and connected. That way people want to work with you if the time comes (because of your positive personality) and motivated to do any endeavour you might be looking.

So How To Create Plan B…

Same for me, I love my job and being able to to the outdoors makes my job special. I was a recruiter before this so I remember how volatile the workplace can be. Though, it does get shaky so I started an online business something that will keep me afloat. If is going well, so far so good. I just regret delaying it.

If you weigh on the above you might have some idea of what kind of Plan B you want to have. Make sure you do it NOW> don’t think of doing it later you might regret it.

So what is your Plan B? Please leave a message and exchange some ideas.

10 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

So you have started your blogging adventure and you have started to slowly add content to the website. But the traffic just is not getting there. I think most people who have a legit online business will find trying to increase and leverage traffic one of the hardest parts of their online job.

Here I am gonna try give you some pointers on how I generated traffic naturally to a few of my sites and maintained it.

Though there are other ways to increase traffic like PPC (pay per click), and some click bait methods but we are going to just discuss the best ways to generate traffic naturally.

1) Choosing the Best Niche for Your Topic

Before even trying to generate traffic this should’ve been one of the more important things I needed to do some keyword research on before drawing up a website (though now I know better). Let’s face it, even though you can create a niche out of virtually anything but some things interest people more than other things a good example is sports people are going to love watching NFL football more than watching extreme ironing.

So you have to draw up more than 1 niche (preferably what you love to write about) and dig deep into each topic making taking note of the SEO competition and traffic generated.

Pick a niche that you love and is traffic worthy there you will start having people naturally browse through your pages.

2) Powering Your SEO via Titles

This also requires some research as the will always be similar titles but some will generate traffic more due to being either written in proper English (some exceptions to the rule) or 2) because they are phrases most people use. If are going though using your keyword research tool, best to target the low-hanging fruit i.e titles that have low competition with best traffic.

Some of the best titles are longer phrases i.e instead of “lose weight”; the other title “Awesome Ways to Lose Weight” is much more SEO powered.

You can always use the Google search by typing 1 word will give you relevant suggestions and those suggestions are also what people frequently look which means it is good for a title.

3) Engaging in Comments on Your Site & Others

Readers and bloggers alike love interaction from people and feel they are being cared about on your website and giving some input on others as well. So some bloggers love to surf the net and find things they are familiar with niche to comment on or offer some suggestions.

Though you would not add your website in the comment itself you could use it as a signature or your profile. If people find you useful they will come to your site.

4) Make Sure of Overall Health of Your Site

This is where Google Webmaster or Bing Webmaster is really useful. If you are a reader you do not want to go into empty pages or pages with errors on them. Therefore, always use your webmaster tools to check if all your pages are going smoothly if they aren’t, fix them quickly.

5) Getting Indexed on Search Sites

The more articles you write the more you will notice that some are are going to be indexed on Google or Bing. The more of your pages are indexed on search sites the more they will be found during searches and the more authority you have on the topic at hand.

This is also the reason why if you have your own website and not free ones like blogspots and siterubix, are more likely to be trusted and indexed overall by Google. Though choose carefully if you want buy your website, always best to be absolutely sure.

6) Leveraging Social Media

Once your website is set up and enough content is inside you can always put posts about your websites on social media. I found that the best social media sites are Instagram, Google+, Pinterest and Twitter. The other like Facebook are starting to lose track due to situation with the news and view that it is for older generations.

Always try to pick a few like, 2 or 3,that you feel are good for you and work on these. Anything else is really time-consuming and not good for business.

7) Be a Guest Blogger

This is similar to comments as you gain notoriety by being helpful to others in order to generate traffic. Though this will include writing whole articles for websites apart from yourself. Again if people like what they read they will come visit your website or follow your social media.

I found some sites offer this for like Fandom Wikia sites always offer external input. They do not pay you but you gain popularity by helping them expand their topics.

Or Cracked, they are now offering readers US$ 200/- per article that is included in their site. You can get popularity and money.

Invite others to Guest Write

This entails that you hire writers to write articles for your site. Either this comes later or you can get your best friend to help you. If they have a good social media standing, their followers are sure to follow your site too. You get what you pay for, so make sure you check if the content is good.

I like using Freelancer as it has a lot of competition who are willing to give you quality content writing.

Incorporating Imagery & Videos in Your Posts

This is the fun part of content writing finding the best images to add to your articles. Videos such as YouTube always give you a code to embed their videos from but for pictures you have to find pictures that are royalty free in order to place them inside your site.

For good pictures you can either take them yourself, via your phone or screenshot, or on the internet which I sometimes use Google Search (are going to advanced settings and changing it to commercial use) and sites like Free Images and Wiki Commons.

Studying Board Sites on Latest Craze of your Niche

This is what I do which I think pays off and which people do not really do. Some research can be done of boards such as Reddit, 4Chan and Quora. Sometimes you can put your article in as an answer to their questions this gives a quick boost to your traffic. There you can find what kind of problems people might have regarding your niche and give you a direction on which to write about.

Sometimes you can post your articles in these boards but discretion must be used as each board has its own set of rules.

Always Aim for Great Content

Always remember to write about what people care about first and to write it in a way that people can relate to. There is always are going to be ways to generate traffic its how you make the most of them.

I hope that this has helped you to increase your traffic to your site.

Do you have any cool methods? Please let me know in the comments below.

My Wealthy Affiliate Adventure: A Wealthy Affiliate Review (My Honest Review)

I think it is important to introduce this cool tool that got me into the affiliate marketing business. It showed me the in’s and out’s of starting and maintaining an online business. I hope that my background into Wealthy Affiliate will help you make a well-informed decision if you want to try this program out.

  • The website:
  • Usability: 4.5 / 5
  • Support: 4 / 5
  • Inside functions: 4.5 / 5
  • Interaction with Users: 4.5 / 5
  • Overall Rating: 4.5 / 5
  • Price: Sign-up is Free with few lessons/ Premium is US$ 47 -per month
  • Great affiliate program which works well for beginners and pros

Have You Ever Heard…

  • I Just Made US$ XXXX.XX  at 21 years old!
  • From US$ 0 to US$ XXX per day
  • Wealthy Affiliate Sent you  US$ XXXX.XX
This is really, really POSSIBLE!

That was the story I was seeing from Wealthy Affiliate. I am glad that I tried it. I should me the in’s and out’s of affiliate marketing.

That is why I want to share it with YOU!

How I Started off…

I was a down-of-my-luck guy. My wages did not cover my bills completely and my bills weren’t my only expenses, As most users, I checked on the internet for many things to try out on working at home or trying to get a stable income. I tried many things (and still trying so I can write this) from cryptocurrencies, freelancing, hosting stuff, errands to almost anything at home and outside of home; you name it I might have tried it.

That’s when I got into looking into affiliate internet marketing and checking out all the various programs out there. Some were really good and some were just there to try to sell their “book” on success. The only problem most were heavy winded but did not provide enough interactive support or just a helping hand for example if you started like: How do you start a website? What do you to make $$$? Which programs work and which are scams? Is there anyone like me out there?

Most just kept it a tight lipped secret until you bought their stuff or book. Not even an inkling of trying these things out.

That’s When I Encountered in Wealthy Affiliate

As mentioned above, I looked into many many things that might work to get me some few dollars. Some worked and some didn’t. While I was looking into 1 of those schemes, I encountered Wealthy Affiliate. Again, I was looking into many money schemes and this was in-between a few of those. I was really skeptical.

Is Wealthy Affiliate really Legit?

I wasn’t sure at first. It was in-between all the other reviews and money making ideas, I could not really be sure.  Some of them worked and some of them tanked badly so I was not going to plan on making a bad decision. I was skeptical at first as mentioned but what really helped me make an informed decision was the 7 day try-out that Wealthy Affiliate provided. WA were cool with just me trying their affiliate marketing lessons out. That was a what encouraged me to try it. Besides, what did I have to lose?

The WA program did not pressurize me to pay up straight away for anything at all. There were warm welcome’s from newbies like me and professionals that made something from Wealthy Affiliate.I was still trying it out for the first 7 days they provided all the support of a premium, which made me feel that this could actually work.

Is this Legit? Yes. Is it a quick rich scheme? No.

As any legitmate internet marketing business you still have to put some work and plan into it to really get it running.

So I decided what did I have to lose and tried Wealthy Affiliate.

What Is Inside a Wealthy Affiliate Login

When I applied, I had many greetings from users in WA. The founders greeting I could see was a bot, but the newbies and the professional were not. That was a icebreaker as I still was not completely sure if this was all real. Though what they should me about the Wealthy Affiliate program was an eye-opener. I will get into few of these.

The encouragement: in the first 1 or 2 lessons WA gives you a chance to fill in your goals and ideas and how much you want to commit to them. When you see how much people have written and compare it to others it sets you up and gives a plan to work with. Really encouraging.

The lessons: they provide the only the first 3 levels out of 5 for free (it has big words Get Started Here). There was a lot but the videos and step-by-step lessons in small chucks of info was the best way to get me settled into internet marketing. Some lessons are how to set up a website, how to leverage social networks, how to make money.

The dashboard: the dashboard can be overwhelming at first but as you go along you find out the put ALL the tools that you might need to make money right in front of you. To name some: Keyword Research tools, Content Writing, Link Tracking, other lessons by other uses, SiteFeedback (comments from other users about how your website looks), just to name a few.

Your Personal Blog on WA: You can rant about your problems or just tell everyone about your progress in Wealthy Affiliate. It is almost like Facebook in WA which is really useful.

User interface from other users: They have integrated a chat into their dashboard as well. If you want to ask a question or you just want to say ‘good morning’, you use the chat function. They also give you great feedback on if they made money on WA as well and how to get started.

Support from Founders: Nothing beats that, getting a personal greeting from the designers themselves. As mentioned I was a bit sceptical as the first greetings was a bot (guess if you have 100k users maybe that is better). The did reply back.  You see the co-founder on chat periodically and if you ask questions they answer too. In the end I could feel that personal support.

In the end I was impressed with WA. I had to make a decision as well.

Should I Go Premium?

That is entirely up you. WA allows you to try their features for 7 days but there is just SO MANY features  few days is not enough. At least it is enough for you to try. They have so much in their internet marketing education that it is really a certification and like most education it is best to pay for a certification. Though some of the features:

You can check out more about the premium features here.

In Conclusion with a Bonus

Is it for everyone? Not necessary, as it is legitimate business you still have to put work into your online business and it is not really just easy money. Though if you are dedicated enough and determined to make a money Wealthy Affiliate is the place to go.

Go on, try it. Joining the program is US$ 0 and if you do not like it you can come back and yell at me if you want. It’s free so what have you got to lose. When you join, set your account up.  Only then will you see the full scope of WA. Setting up your account is simple and I will help along the way too.

Why not try WA for few days? You can sign-up from here.

Regards the BONUS, when you join your FREE Starter Account, I am going to offer you a bonus if you do decide to become a PREMIUM member in the first 7 days (including a 59% discount). I will also drop a hello when you sign-up.

So try it. It is out there. For new ones or people well in the internet marketing field you will not know what you’ve been missing until you step into it.