Avengers: Endgame Review by Average Joe (Is it the End? Guess Not)

So finally watched Avengers: Endgame. I have to hand it to the creators and writers at Marvel to round off a great round of story telling for the Marvel Universe.

Almost everyone has watched it but what to look out for in Avengers: Endgame? Read here to find out more.

Cinematography: 9/10 (Got some great scenes in there)
Storyline : 7/10 (Sorry gets a bit tricky but it rolls out)
The Hype: 8.5/10 (Everyone been in the Marvel World is Hyped, Super hyped)

Overall Score from my books 8/10.

The Storyline So Far…

The time runs straight from after Thanos (Josh Brolin) does the deed decimating the Marvel community by what he said he would do: destroying half of the entire population in the entire universe. The Avengers find him and kill him, the only problem is he has destroyed the Infinity gauntlet and all hope seems lost. Five years later the rest of the Avengers: Captain America, Ironman, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Thor and others reeling from the loss. Each have their own terms to coping with the loss and just as it seems all  hope is lost, Antman (Paul Rudd) comes back from the quantum realm…

So the hype is there and everybody is eager to see how Marvel keep up with their promise of a happy ending.

Just so you know, Spoilers Ahead. I will leave a advert just to distract you (just in case you have not see it – I highly doubt it).

Cinematography (So good it scenes real)

It is insane, it was hard to figure out how they were going to put everything together and not disappoint us, but they did it.

I always wondered how they going to get another good Thanos fight and with bit of time jiggling they did it. The fight scenes were far out there, with Cap vs Cap, Hawkeye vs Black Widow, or everyone else vs Thanos it was well choreographed. I feel fight scenes always keep the suspense going like will the good guys win or go to pound town and the fights did not disappoint.


The visual scenes were also out of this world… excuse the pun… if it be the scene where Thanos finnally rests his laurels or revisiting some of the iconic scenes of Asgard and Wakanda they were a sight to behold. Just what the audience and Marvel fans would expect. Definitely worth a watch again.

I really can not emphasize it more the cinematography was great. They really made superhero movie with a bit of arty touch to it. 

The storyline not the very best…

The Storyline (It gets a bit tricky but Watchable)

It was a good move to not just pick up from where they ended but instead to fast-track it to five years later to really make the stories very emotional and add depth to the destruction that Thanos had wrought on Marvel. It would say a stroke of genius.

The emotional scenes had depth, depth as in the loss of friends and family, depth to what as at stake, and the loss and losses the Avengers had to overcome. No, do not mean Hawkeye going emo… just no…

Just no… Hawkeye no…

Though I did mean Ironman losing Spidey (though kind of sure he was coming back with Spiderman: Far From Home), or Back Widows sacrifice to gain the Soul Stone.

Then the suspense story as the Thanos from eh… 5 years…6 years ago (?) found out about the plan. I wondered if he was going to whack them all again. It got exciting.

The confusing storylines. The old time-travel method to fix everything was always going to be hard on the writers to handle as:

a) It i has been done so many times. It is a cliche by now.
b) Tying all the stories together without any loose threads or confusion is too hard.

The time-travel thing was always going to get itself tied in a knot at the start… How did Hawkeye keep his wife’s mobile subscription for five years? There is old cap so… the other cap who met Peggy was already with Cap wby didn’t she say anything?  So did Avengers: Infinity Stone ever happen???

I hate time paradoxes it burns the soul…

Then the plot devices: seriously putting Captain Marvel out for most of the story just blew all the hype for her part in Avengers: Endgame that was built for her in Captain Marvel. I do find honest trailers take on this rather funny.

The Hype (Avengers Assemble!!!!)

I really do thing the writers and Russo brothers did well with what they could had. They were never going to just going to put a new peak in the story (they sorta did in box office), but just keep us all entertained…

I built a good story and put the feels on the line (even though it would all be good for Marvel Phase 4), made watchers want to watch more and finish stories from Avengers: Infinity Stone. I personally liked Avengers: Infinity Stone as it felt more was on the line and no one was sure who would survive.

Kudos for that.

The story was like a plane that flew too high and the pilots steered it well.

So… Who really Survived Thanos in Avengers: Endgame

They finished it and it was full sail to Marvel’s phase 4 for the Universe it built. Though who really did survive?

  • Spiderman: we knew he would survive after seeing Far from Home but after the threats of Sony taking the rights away from Disney it doesn’t seem he survived at all
  • Ironman: Tony Stark seems to have put it rest but in truth he will still come back in flashbacks or when the money tells him to… (that’s Robert Downey Jr. for you).
  • Thor: He will be back for Thor: Love & Thunder but making room for a female Thor, or not. I guess, why not?
  • Thors physique, will he keep on being fat Thor? Breaking new expectations of what a Superhero should look like. Like Plus Sized models.
  • Antman might not have survived as they are not planning on carrying on with Antman 3.
  • Captain America is dead, Falcon getting the shield made sure of that…
  • Seems we will never see Vision or Hawkeye ever again if ever…
The What If’s are getting smaller for Marvel Phase 4

He at least have a confirmation that Phase 4 of Marvel’s plan will include: Black Widow, The Eternals, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Thor: Love & Thunder, Black Panther 2, Blade, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 (almost died with James Gunn but came back), Captain Marvel 2, and some previous flops Mutants and Fantastic Four (hopefully they can give them rebirth with Marvel Magic)

Then with the additional casts of Keeanu Reeves (who just did John Wick: Parabellum) and Angelina Jolie it is going to be good…

Overall 8/10, verdict:  Are We Entertained? Yes but will it carry on? Not sure, as Marvel travels to new heights in Billions just how much fans will keep with the universe still hard to see as cracks start appearing in Avengers: Endgame.

What’s your thoughts on the movie? Leave a comment to let me know how your feel. In the meantime, come check back here from time to time I will try post more news on the comments section for Marvel Phase 4. 

Diaworkers Review – Mini Jobs Online for Money (the Truth)

An online pal of mine notified of a new Mini Job website that seems to be up and coming so I went in to investigate it. Kudos to you for finding another beermoney maker…

Diaworkers Review – Read before you Try It Out

Name: Diaworkers
Website: https://diaworkers.com
Price: Free Sign-up, Give you $1 “incentive”
– Jobs Range from US$ 0.02 ~ US$ 0.35
Owners: Unknown (prevalant with these sites)
Scheme Type: Mini Jobs Online Scheme
Overall Rank: 50 out of 100

What is Diaworkers About? 

Basically it is an online website that posts small jobs  which you can complete online and you get paid for it. It is very similar to some of the reviews of mini job site we reviewed previously such as Picoworkers or Neobux. It should be rather straight forward right?


But… what to look for Diaworkers that YOU need to know about? Carry on and get a better idea of knowing if Diaworkers is legit or not OR what type of Mini Job Websites might be good for you (this might serve as a good litmus for new mini jobs website you want to try).

Positives, Cons and the Ugly…

Good Thing About Diaworkers…

Diaworkers Dashboard… looks good & fresh

re is some good points about Diaworkers that is worth a look at:

  • Diaworkers is fairly new, which is good as you get to monopolize on the mini jobs they have. Where some such as Tuks or Picoworkers (getting there) already getting saturated with competition. Diaworkers hasn’t yet.
  • Again as it is starting to go up and running, more chance they will not drop payments In other words they are more inclined to pay you in order to build more street cred. Most keep this up for up to a year before problems arise.
  • They use many ways to pay and get paid (Paypal, Bitcoin and Bank Transfers) so you have a variety of ways to pay.

So… as you see eveything is fresh and new as you sign-up, which is a good leverage if you start within the time period.

It Can Also Be Bad for Diaworkers too…

It is not all sunshine and flowers if a new mini job site comes up;

  • Again as Diaworkers is so new you might get SOME support from the developer but next to no support from other users. I emphasize SOME as the owner is still working the chinks out the site so will not always be able to help either.
  • As the owner still hasn’t got it all up and running, high probablility payments will be delayed. They will pay you (for the credibility as you could give them bad rating) but just take time to sort the issues out.
  • There aren’t as many jobs posted on Diaworkers as yet. If you are looking to do around 50~100 actions, there is only approx. 14 posted as of today. Not nearly enough to get threshold payment within today.

Who might Diaworkers Be Fit For?

At this moment, if you have tried other Beermoney websites and want to get a head start this might be good for you.

Unless Diaworkers increase they’re marketing still another 2 months before you see more activity within their site. If you are new to mini jobs this is not recommended for you.

Does Diaworkers have Tools & Training

At this moment Diaworkers, does not really have any good tools or training, probably assuming that you have tried some mini jobs online. Most of the mini jobs have a thorough description and they have some details on have to give them proof of work.

Diaworkers Support There?

At least you are not yelling into a black hole, I have tested their reply and the support generally answers within an hour of your support ticket being sent out.

Though apart from that as they are faily new there has not been enough replies or complaints that will help you to handle problems.

Diaworkers Price… per job done & % to Withdraw

The amount of money you get for jobs done range from US$ 0.35 ~ 0.02/- per job. When you get to the threshold withdraw percetage is 3% (that is slightly better than the others such as Picoworkers with charge around 8% or a flat rate)


My Final Opinion of Diaworkers…

They are looking to be as legit as possible but with these sites it will take at least 1 year before they can really say if they are legit or not (owner could still do a grab and dash). Only time can tell if they will carry on. But, it seems that at the present they won’t do that so you can take advantage of that and make some money out of it.

It is always good to try more than 1 source

I recommend supplementing that with other mini-jobs such as Picoworkers, and online surveys such as Swagbucks to make sure you don’t have all your eggs in the basket.

Diaworkers at a Glance…

Name: Diaworkers
Website: https://diaworkers.com
Price: Free Sign-up, Give you $1 “incentive”
– Jobs Range from US$ 0.02 ~ US$ 0.35
Owners: Unknown (prevalant with these sites)
Scheme Type: Mini Jobs Online Scheme
Overall Rank: 50 out of 100

VERDICT: LEGIT for now, trust and credility will only be obvious after 6 months. For now they try to be legit as possible.

Starting to try Diaworkers? Working on other mini job sites that need a good look through? Drop a comment please let me know. 

A Snowball Traffic Review (for the Everyday Man)

Been looking at traffic moving in (and out) of the website, I stumbled across this tool that came to my attention. Thought might take a closer look at it and I hope it is informative to you (as was for me).

Here goes nothing…

Snowball Traffic Review…

Name: Snowball Traffic
Website: http://snowballtraffic.com/live.html
Price: US$ 8 + US$ 97 (Upsell) +US$ 147 (Upsell)
Scheme Type: Internet Marketing Education Scheme 
Owners: Fergal Downes, Bill Hugall and Simple Spencer
Overall Rank: 40 out of 100

What is Snowball Traffic in Laymans Terms

It is not really that hard….

Basically Snowball Traffic is a internet tool that suppose to drive more users to your website with the use of FB group and templets and that in theory increase your profits dramatically.

It states no need for SEO, no need listings, no need for tech skills AND “US$ 9K in 30 days”… another hardsell. 

There is more that meets the eye when it comes to this product, travel along you will see what I mean.

The Pro’s of Snowball Traffic…

There is some good with Snowball Traffic that I found interesting and I would like to share with you’ll.

  • It has a unique method of “increasing traffic” –  the method that Snowball Traffic introduces to to its users in order increase traffic is by developing FB social network.
  • It is good for beginners as it gets to the basics of Facebook marketing and how to make the most of it.
  • Due to the fact it is supported by Warriorplus (a well reputed digital marketing forum) they also have a 30-day money back guaruntee. If you choose to try it first and decide not to go with it later you can still reconsider.

The Con’s That you Should Remember about Snowball Traffic

There are a few things that you have to remember about Snowball Traffic IF you have decided to get the product.

  • There is many upsells (5 upsells and 5 downsells to be exact). by the time you get to the desired part (or desired result) you want you have gone through quite a few of its upsells. This makes it feel like it is more grabbing after your money than actually helping you attain better traffic.
  • There is only 1 referenced method to increase traffic by Facebook, it places the highest emphasis on using Facebook to increase your traffic. Though, in the affliate marketing world there is many ways to increase traffic and they all need to be used together to get the best results.

So… please put a bit of thought into it before getting the product.

Does Snowball Traffic Suit You?

Before getting the product it is best to see how much you ALREADY know about Facebook Marketing strategies and how to use them. If you need a bit of push and trying out Facebook as a source of traffic it might be good for internet marketers beginners such as yourself.

Snowball Traffic Tools & Full Training Overview

The  training is presented in various videos and case studies to look into as you go through the information:

  1. Overview – basic explanation of their way of leveraging traffic through FB
  2. Snowball Traffic Niche – choosing the niche that suits you
  3. Setting Up the Group – Building a FB group you can use.
  4. The pinned post – selecting certain products to pin ino order to create traffic awareness
  5. The Group Description – what is the best way to describe your group and how to attract others to it with keywords
  6. The Group Settings – following the way to use the optimal settings for your group
  7.   Software that Runs your Group on Autopilot – essentially an upsell that maintains your FB group
  8. How to get 400~600 group members in a day – using Instagram influencers to increase your traffic
  9. Getting Viral Content For Your Group To Build Massive Engagement – using Buzzsume to find articles relevant to your niche or how to outsource it on Fiverr
  10. Outsource Everything For Just $5 – managing the group by engaging a virtual assistant from Fiverr.
  11. Running FB Live For Engagement  – Make use of the Facebook Live feature to engage your audience.\
  12. Profitable Engagement Secrets – More tips to engage your audience. Frugal also gave an example of an ‘ask me Monday’ where the readers can ask him any questions with relation to the online money making niche.
  13. Time To Make Money – get all your learned and  promote your products.

That is basically it in a nutshell.

Snowball Traffic Support?

There is bit of support by joining the groups and the creators have normally responded to various queries that they get on their FB groups.

Snowball Traffic Asking Price

The initial price for using the product and probably the money you can get back for is

  • Initial US$ 7

But there is quite a few upsells and downsells for tools they feel you should be using:

  1. Upsell 1 – Fergal’s DFY Pack + Case Studies ($27 downsell to $17)
  2. Upsell 2 – Super Simple $300/day Method ($17 downsell to $12) basically their sales funnel
  3. Upsell 3 – Resale Rights to Snowball Traffic ($37 downsell to $27) allows you to to use Snowball Traffic as an affiliate
  4. Upsell 4 – How To Bank Insane 5-Figure Days ($27 downsell to $17) – Fergul gives you some more training
  5. Upsell 5 – Simple BUYERS List Building Method ($12 downsell to $7) learn how to build a list without having to create a product or launch a product.


My Final Verdict of Snowball Traffic

Make sure you don’t get caught in the freeze.

It has a legit way to make money but the results and overall introduction of Snowball Traffic is very misleading and if it is an effective product I feel that a sales should not hide their way or the extra costs.

I do not recommend it. I do recommend trying out some of their suggestions of using Fiverr to find useful help or Buzzsumo to find ideas.

There is a teaching i use that gives you a good amount of training and I like very much you can try looking at my description over here.

Snowball Traffic at a Glance…

Website: http://snowballtraffic.com/live.html
Price: US$ 8 + US$ 97 (Upsell) +US$ 147 (Upsell)
Scheme Type: Internet Marketing Education Scheme
Owners: Fergal Downes, Bill Hugall and Simple Spencer
Overall Rank: 40 out of 100

VERDICT: LEGIT method, marketing ways scammy at best.

So… have you tried using Snowball Traffic? Has the experience made you $$$$? Please let me know.

Rich Dad Summit Review – Some Must-Knows To Remember

Finally I get to do something that is worth a good review. I have been looking at a few dodgey schemes and fancy scams and it is time to try something that might be useful for people to try.

After writing the reward winning book Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki did not stop there. He still has Summit and is a lecturer too. Read on to see my view and my take on this. 

Robert really wants to help…

Rich Dad Summit Review

Name: Rich Dad Summit
Website: http://richdadsummit.net/
Price: US$ 1 (Initial 2 day) + Upsells US$ 47 or $97 (if you choose to) +$67/-monthly
Scheme Type: Finance Education Scheme
Owners: Robert Kiyosaki (man himself) and Anik Singal
Overall Rank: 80 out of 100

What is Rich Dad Summit About?

Basically it is a 16hr symposium designed by Robert Kiyosaki which is suppose to help you have a financial mindest and get you into the money making mood.

It covers a broad range of topics about money, like current ways to make money, how to invest your money, how to save money and how to use money.

If you are stuck in a rut to make an income this might be a way to psych yourself up.

Just a little on Robert Kiyosaki…

To most people Robert Kiyosaki is a household name,he wrote the book called Rich Dad Poor Dad. Rich Dad Poor Dad is basically book about finances in an allegorial setting (stories with lessons) which attained mostly from his life. Robert himslef has been interviewed by Oprah Wifrey, Forbes,CNN just to name a few.

He made his money and right now he is just generally content with helping others prep themselves up to make money. He is a lecturer at Lurn.com

About his book, many have found it a good read. There has been criticism that it is not proper representation of how cultures and finances are like today, but my view is if you read the book take it with a grain of salt. It’s aim is to give you a whimsical view and get you into the right mindset to make money.

What is So Good About Rich Dad Summit?

There are quite a few things that you can note that makes it a good try such as:

  • It is designed by Robert Kiyosaki himself, he found like-minded people to give lectures on what life choices you have to make money.
  • It covers a broad spectrum of subjects that relates to money, some that I have not even thought of. Good for some interesting listening, quite informative too.
  • It is cost effective, for what its aim is. Apart from the Upsells, getting a famous person go give a series of talks regarding their secrets generally costs a lot of money. For the initial price that is ok. Truth be told, the upsells are there but not too expensive.
  • The Clickbank assurance is still their if you aren’t satisfied with what he gives you. There is a money back guarantee.

Rich Dad Summit Ain’t Perfect…

It still has its flaws and it isn’t perfect. Neither do I think it is good for everyone. Main reasons such as:

  •  The lectures are tedious, about 16hrs long. Some of the information if you arenot looking for it can be really tiring. Fall asleep tiring.
  • The Upsells are still there, not fond of buying 1 to buy more, but at least there is a only 1 time and 1 you can choose to have monthly and Robert uses his style of relaying the message.

So weigh up the pro’s and con’s before buying this pack.

If you have decided it is only $1, worth a try. 

Who might Rich Dad Summit be for?

IF you aren’t sure what might be good for making your profit AND stuck in a rut, this might be for you. Though, you must be an avid listener to get through the seminars.

Rich Dad Summit Details And Lessons

Rich Dad Summit Speakers

There is heck of a lot of information that is fitted into the 16hrs.

The 1 day entails, the different ways to make a passive income:

  1. Secrets to building long-term wealth (Robert Kiyosaki & Jeremy Bellotti)
  2. Diving into the Cashflow Quadrant (Andy Tanner)
  3. The difference between creating a job & being an entrepreneur (Jeremy Bellotti)
  4. The best online and offline business opportunities (Andrew Lantz)
  5. The fastest way to start a business – The X Factor (Jeremy Bellotti & Anik Singal)
  6. Assets vs. Liabilities (Andrew Lantz)
  7. Demystifying the stock market (Andy Tanner)
  8. An Email list as an asset? (Anik Singal)
  9. Building your success team (Jeremy Bellotti)

The 2nd day entails how to make your money work for you through various investments:

  1. Success is Simple (Jeremy Bellotti)
  2. Profit from Real Estate…The Rich Dad way! (Robert’s real estate investing coaches)
  3. The opportunity in Bitcoin (Max Wright)
  4. How to leverage the global economy to develop a business (Fred Lam)
  5. The power of soft assets (Andrew Lantz)
  6. The tax savings of becoming an investor & entrepreneur (Tom Wheelwright)
  7. How to protect your assets (Garrett Sutton)
  8. The power of contribution (Anik Singal)

There are quite cool as it tells you how to make money work AND how to find legit ways to cut taxes, definitely worth a look into.

The upsells entail how to continue making money and wise money management.

Rich Dad Summit Extras

Apart from the $1 for the 16hrs, there are a few extras:

Upsell 1 RIch Dad Insider: $67/-per month which gives inside views on business and stuff

Upsell 2 5 Money Secrets: $97 or lite for $47, basically some of Robert Kiyosaki’s secrets to using, spending and saving money.

My Final Opinion on Rich Dad Summit

If you are down in the dumps and you need something to rev you up to make money it is worth a try.  Thoough for the upsells I do not highly recommend those as most are out there.

Sometimes in a rut we alll need a hand.

Sometimes we need a hand.

For me, I found my niche in affiliate marketing and if you need coaching you can find me here. I would be glad to help. 

Rich Dad Summit at a Glance…

Name: Rich Dad Summit
Website: http://richdadsummit.net/
Price: US$ 1 (Initial 2 day) + Upsells US$ 47 or $97 (if you choose to) +$67/-monthly
Scheme Type: Finance Education Scheme
Owners: Robert Kiyosaki (man himself) and Anik Singal
Overall Rank: 80 out of 100

VERDICT: LEGIT, recommended if you are looking for a zen way to making money.

What is you view on Rich Dad Summit? Tried it out? Please share your thoughts, let us know what to look out for.  

Gaming Jobs Online Review (Read First Before Signing Up)

It sounds like a dream job, right? Getting paid to play games. Then comes a website that mentions just that. Then you sign-up pay the fee and… its not what you think. 

Many have encountered this site but found it was too good to be true. Why? Let me show you Before you sign up.

Gaming Jobs Online Review

Name: Gaming Jobs Online
Website: https://www.gamingjobsonline.com/
Price: Sign-Up is $1/- + Upsells of $31
Owners: Glen Anderson
Scheme Type: Online Survey & Educational Scheme
Overall Rank: 50 out of 100

Overall Idea of what Gaming Jobs Online is About

Gaming Jobs Online what it really in essense is a survey site where you get paid to do surveys. The secondary function of Gaming Jobs Online is coaching how to spruce out your CV in order do jobs playing games. They are NOT a company that acts a medium to find Gaming Jobs but they do have job listings (you still have to apply yourself).

The devil is the fineprint… at the end of the website.

Video Game Tester Jobs. This site and the products and services offered on this site are not associated, affiliated, endorsed or sponsored by Google, Clickbetter, eBay, Amazon, Yahoo, Bing, nor have they been reviewed tested or certified by Google, Clickbetter, Yahoo, eBay, Amazon or Bing.  The typical user does not make any money using this system.

They are at least honest with you in the fineprint

Why would you look at Gaming Jobs Online then? There are a few points you will want to keep in mind if you apply…

What Pro is there to Try Gaming Jobs Online

So what good is there to this site and product. Well

  • They, have few surveys in there so that you make a quick few bucks. It is not a lot but something that you can go on before going into apply for those gaming jobs.
  • They are on Clickbank, if you are not satisfied with their product and want to refund there is a 60 day window in order to do so. I recommend going through Clickbank so you can at least get the refund. 
  • The site does have a comprehensive way on how to apply to play games as a job e.g giving in-depth knowledge how to apply, how to set up gaming website, what to use…

Though what makes it no good is the Cons, the cons that destroy it credibility and makes consumers like us annoyed…

Cons That Matter….Gaming Jobs Online Exposed

If this is something you want to try this is surely the part you want to take the MOST attention to as Gaming Jobs is not what it seems it is to the tune of:

  • It IS NOT a company that acts a medium between famous gaming companies. It states so in the fineprint, but users walk into it like a trap. Sure they have listings for such jobs but you still on your own. They won’t vouch or help you through it. You basically on your own.
  • That is not the only misleading part of Gaming Jobs Online, they give you huge numbers on what game testers make (which isn’t true – check Glassdoor), they expand numbers (come now $100K is NOT TRUE), and you will NOT be playing the coolest games -so they are really empty promises feeding on your shattered dreams.
  • If you become a member there are upsells NOT just $1 memberships. so be sure to keep eye on your Paypal account.
  • The website for eductional purposes has a few advertisements and outdated videos so that is not really as helpful as it seems.

You see, it is not all it seems to be. Still up for it? You can read on the details.

Would YOU be suitable to try Gaming Jobs Online?

If you are strapped on cash and really looking for a lift off AND also want a way on how to get your way into the Gaming Job world, this might be for you.

Though, if you are looking for a free cash and looking for paid surveys it is better to try Swagbucks (in which I have written a review here).

If you looking for ways to be a professional online gamer, there are free sources around the web. You have to try a little harder to look for it. If you need an intermediatry to help apply try Upwork or Fivver.

There are quite a few ways if you are trying to make money online. I personally got into Internet Marketing and Wealthy Affiliates is free to try. You can check my review on it here.

Tools & Training that Gaming Jobs Online Posesses

You can see some of the stuff in the dashboard,  through the accompanying picture below:

That is how it looks like inside.

As mentioned it does possess some useful information and videos on what to do to get the job as a game tester and how to set your game website. Some of it is descriptive and has helped to score some jobs. It has videos and instructions on what to do and it has surveys you can use to make that extra cash as you apply.

Think of it as good advice.

THOUGH some of the videos are outdated and some of the information you can get free from the internet.

Support Provided by Gaming Jobs Online

There is not much community support for Gaming Jobs Online as I can see. There is a few reviews online (that I tried to put together).

There is internal support from the dashboard in which you can contact and try resolve issues. If you have any problems that arise from transactions you can use the Clickbank service desk which helps facilitate payments to Gaming Jobs Online.

Prices That You Should Keep an Eye On

Again, the initial sign-up fee is $1 but that is to get you into the actual prices of getting more info which is $5 and a membership upsell of $25/-per month, which comes to a total of $37 with monthly.

That is important, if you still want to sign-up here.

My View on Gaming Jobs Online

All I can say, it is too good to be true. It is a legit site with some useful information but it is not really something I could recommend to users especially if there is better out there.

If you still want to try it. It is good to have REALISTIC view of pay for game testers, what you are actually paying this site, and what they actually do.

at a Glance…

Name: Gaming Jobs Online
Website: https://www.gamingjobsonline.com/
Price: Sign-Up is $1/- + Upsells of $31
Owners: Glen Anderson
Scheme Type: Online Survey & Educational Scheme
Overall Rank: 50 out of 100 BUT Dependability Rank 40/100

VERDICT: LEGIT, not recommended as it is selling overinflated views of real life stuff.

Have you tried Gaming Jobs Online? What has YOUR personal experience been? Please leave a comment.

Super Affiliate System 3.0 Review (Legit or Scam – You Be the Judge)

So going through the rabbit-hole, I think that I finally getting to the light at the end of the tunnel. The great mystery of John Crestani’s many schemes. I think he has finally decided on getting Super Affiliate System another go this time with a 3.0.

In honestly, I DID NOT buy this product, it has to many discrepancies that I need to point out before you try it. Though, I did look at quite a few reviews online about Super Affiliat System and I will try and summarize it here so you can make an informed decision about it. 

Super Affiliate System 3.0 Review

Name: Super Affiliate System 3.0
Website: https://superaffiliatesystem.org/
Price: US$ 997/-  1time fee + Upsells
Owner: Pendragon Labs LLB aka John Crestani‘s company
Scheme Type: Internet Marketing Training Scheme
Overall Rank: 50 out of 100

What is Super Affiliate System 3.0 About? Real Deal?

John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System wants to save YOU from poverty but you must pay HIM first

So this what John decided on after going through all that… tried Super Affiliate System 1.0, 2.0 and Internet Jetset. He first decided to do a book on doing Affiliate Marketing (SAS aka Super Affiliate System) then he thought of trying to make it easier with a monthly plan (evolved Internet Jetset) and when HIS affiliate called MOBE (My Online Business Education) closed down

There he decided to combine it all of the book with its Paid Advertising method of making money and Organic method of generating traffic and Super Affiliate System 3.0 was born…

The Good Thing About SAS 3.0 (you can take note of)

So SAS 3.0 does have a few good things going for it in terms of Internet Marketing education over here.

  • For 1 thing John Crestani is a successful affiliate marketer,  his creds show he is has made A LOT of money in the industry and he knows it well. Also he has helped others to make that money too, there has been some success to his work. He has featured in few social media platforms too. 
  • The lessons he provides in SAS 3.0 is well arranged, some of the tools he recommends to his learners is useful in the affiliate marketing industry. I will show you shortly. Some of it good that you can build your internet business in any sort of niche you choose. 
  • SAS 3.0 is on Clickbank, so even if you buy it there is a 30-day money back guarantee if you choose that SAS 3.0 is not for you.

The Cons of SAS 3.0 (the dark side not mentioned)

Super Affiliate System shows you the way to make money and it has proven to have results though it is not all it is cracked up to be:

  • SAS is highly priced from the very beginning (initial price of US$ 987). I am not sure if that is to increase its worth but for a nickel’n dime person like you and me it id hard to swallow.
  • SAS 3.0 even though it is high priced, there is still the Upsells, even though it does not promote MOBE (My Online Business Education), which in itself was a scam, you still need host a site, set up clickfunnel and etc. (non-included)
  • The owner himself is not entirely honest. He is successful, though the success rate and the promises he makes is NOT all affiliate marketing is about. It takes time and effort to reach the goal and he is just taking making money from us as well (where you think 6-figure incomes comes from?) 
  • The lessons SAS provides, most of it is out of date. Some of the videos was redone and the information changed during the time that passed.
  • SAS is not the final answer to a successful affiliate marketing. The course was rebranded, redone and reworked so many times, it does not seem to be all that. 

So now you see WHY I had my reservations about SAS … 3.0… So think hard about what next course would be. 

Is Super Affiliate System for ME?

You be the judge. The owner of SAS, John Crestani, is a successful person selling a semi-successful product. If you have the resources to blow around US$ 1,000 ~ 5,000 on it to get into the affiliate marketing business, be my guest. Though rate of success varies.

If you are a nickel ‘n dime sort of guy or gal like me, I find it hard to recommend it. 

For a good go-through of internet marketing with the in’s and out’s without the extra costs, I use Wealthy Affiliate. You click onto it if you are looking for some useful info on it here.

Super Affiliate System 3.0 Tools & Training

Though it does have some useful tools that you can look into around the internet and also got a peek of how the 6 week lessons look like so in a nutshell:

SAS uses tools such as:

  • Clickfunnels: a toll that helps you build presell pages
  • Bluehost: a hosting site to host your website
  • Google Ads: good way to advertise via Google

So some are useful now for the basic structure of SAS’ 6 week program:

  • Week 1 The System Setup: basically ways to build a websit, setup a presell page and Facebook Ads
  • Week 2 Google Ads: how to spruce up your Google Ads and streamline it.
  • Week 3 Youtube Ads: how to set up your Youtube Ads setup and how to use it right.
  • Week 4 Advanced Tactics: basically has Facebook Ads in it and interviews with 2 of his friends how to copywrite and do headlines for your adverts
  • Week 5 Presell Pages and Scaling: how you can keep on improving your ad pages to attract users
  • Week 6 Product Selection: Finally notes about choosing your niche and what to be careful of.

Well, you see if you dig hard in the web you can find this information and training on other sites as well. Though as mentioned, if you have the cash this gives you a whole package.

Super Affiliate System 3.0 Support

This found good as well, Super Affiliate System has a well divided theme  groups to help their users with a number of problems regarding their ads and common mistakes. You can take a look at it here:

What Prices I am looking at using Super Affiliate System 3.0?

I mentioned it is not cheap. The prices look like this as follows:

  • Initial price on Clickbank: US$ 997 with tax  approx. US$ 1000
  • Sign-up to Clickfunnels membership US$ 19/- per month
  • Setting up a website on a web host: approx. US$ 4/- per month
  • Various costs accrued whil using Google Ads and FB Ads to promote your site: various
  • Another click funnel his friend built Solo Ads:which costs 35c to 85c/- per click (don’t get too many users from here…)

Well, as you see the prices add up and it can get hard even after the initial payment.

My Conclusion of Super Affiliate System 3.0

SAS has worked for some and some have even gained success with it. Though in all honesty the changes and rebranding and the lack of transparency has left me wondering is it really worth the trust you put into it? 

Affiliate marketing even after SAS still needs effort and work it won’t just send money in get $$$$$$$ out. I need something that I can work in time and it will not cost an arm and a leg. 

Wealthy Affiliate offers that and I know if I want to stop I can and the costs aren’t out of this world. You can check it out if you want to over here.

Super Affiliate System 3.0 at a Glance…

Name: Super Affiliate System 3.0
Website: https://superaffiliatesystem.org/
Price: US$ 997/-  1time fee + Upsells
Owner: Pendragon Labs LLB aka John Crestani‘s company
Scheme Type: Internet Marketing Training Scheme
Overall Rank: 50 out of 100

VERDICT: LEGIT, though success vary. Not recommended if you are short on funds. 

So… what is your experience when you encountered Super Affiliate System or Internet Jetset? Is there anyone to defend John Crestani’s creations? Let me know love to hear them out.

Internet Jetset System Review (In-Depth Viewpoint – Not What You Think)

When I tool a look at Super Affiliate System, the first words that popped on the landing page “Six Figure Income” then it lead to Internet Jetset then I got confused then a did a lil snooping. So I decided to a little investigation and this is what I came up with this…

John Crestani Is Flaunting his Assets at YOU

Name: Internet Jetset Review (aka Super Affiliate System 3.0 rebranded Internet Jetset)
Website: imjetset.com (wait what????!!!), still there https://superaffiliatesystem.org/
Price: Supposedly $4,985 – actually $997 plus upsells
Scheme Type: Affiliate Marketing Education Scheme

Owners: John Crestani (https://johncrestani.com/)
Overall Rank: Unknown out of 100 / OVERALL DEPENDABILITY RANK: 30/100

So… What is Super Affiliate System (ahem, 3.0 rebranded  from Internet Jetset) all About

1 think is for sure… Those that claim to have used Internet Jetset couldn’t be using it now so they already fell into it. As the previous deal, is called Internet Jetset, which John Crestani has rebranded again – which I will promptly into for my readers which you should find here.

I guess there is not much to review (as it is actually Internet Jetset). Though I will use this opportunity to write about the creator John Crestani and his motives and MY take on all His Ways.

You can read about his Super Affiliate System 3.0 in my review over here.

So who IS John Crestani?

John Crestani is an affiliate marketer who is currently running his own company Pendragon Labs. He has been in the business many years and on the media doing interviews and discussions; you might have already seen him in Forbes, CBS, Fox News and on the internet (guess the internet is his local habitat).

He likes to describe himself as (on Linkedin):

Digital Growth Marketer, Startup Entrepreneur, Youtuber, Columnist, Husband, and Father

John HAS helped some to make the money as his loyal follower Tyler Ellison preached about you can see his preaching here.

John Crestani has a wife?

He has a Wife and child that have surfaced on the internet. Overall very private about his life.

Then Why the Rebranding (Super Affiliate System 2.0, 3.0, Internet Jetset)?

John has tried hard to make a name for himself as a go-to internet marketing guru for his internet marketing education, BUT he was not able to get away from Internet Reviewers and Bad Market. So he probably wanted to rebrand to do a clean slate for 1 or both of the 2 reasons:

  • He finally got fed up with the bad reviews and decided that a change was in order.
  • The previous brand was not doing as well as he hoped (with the effort and all) and so he wanted to try anew.

Well, you decide.

My Personal Take on John Crestani and his Super Affiliate System/ Internet Jetset

I can honestly see that John Crestani is a man who likes to put on a facade to promote his products and life.

Again with the facade, I think John Crestani wants to buy you a helicopter

I dislike that way that John Crestani likes to mislead people. How? By his many ways of rebranding and hidden upsells that he has people doing lead to to make money. That does not make a god foundation for trust and cooperation.

I have to admit he has proven results. He has helped people make the coveted $$$, though results vary and I generally do not believe they are all Six Figures.

His lessons do contain some helpful information, which I will get into on Internet Jetset review.

In this world honesty is hard to come by and I understand. If readers would like to join his education, please weigh up his credibility and how much you are willing to invest his programs. 

Internet Jetset by John Crestani at a Glance…

Name: Internet Jetset Review (aka Super Affiliate System 3.0 rebranded from Internet Jetset)
Website: imjetset.com (wait what????!!!), still there https://superaffiliatesystem.org/
Price: Supposedly $4,985 – actually $997 plus upsells
Scheme Type: Affiliate Marketing Education Scheme

Owners: John Crestani (https://johncrestani.com/)

Overall Rank:
 Unknown out of 100 / OVERALL DEPENDABILITY RANK: 30/100

VERDICT: LEGIT, though very misleading and not dependable.

If you are still interested take a look at my review on Super Affiliate System over here.

There is another internet program that I use that I really felt was helpful. If you want to go check it out.

It is over HERE.

Clickbank University 2.0 Exposed! Clickbank University 2.0 Review

In-Depth Clickbank University 2.0 Review

Teaching you new tricks or just regurgitating old ones?

While looking for Affiliate Marketing knowledge I found out about Clickbank University 1.0 and its newer version Clickbank University 2.0. I found I trove of information I would like to share with readers BEFORE trying it.

Making sure you make an informed decision. (Keep reading to the end you will see what I mean.)


Name: Clickbank University 2.0

Website: https://clickbankuniversity.com
Price: $47/- per month + $594 (CBU Product) + $97 (monthly Upsells)
Scheme Type: Affiliate Marketing Crashcourse/ Digital Platform
Owners: Matt Hulett, Adam Horwitz & Justin Atlan in 2013
Overall Rank: 70 out of 100

What is Clickbank University 2.0?

Clickbank if you have been doing a little research is a well known affiliate website to find affiliates to partner with and get the best commissions.

The company decided to help others (make money) from getting the best of Clickbank so they designed training with Matt, Adam & Justin (the founders) to make Clickbank University.


They felt that CBU 1.0 was not adequate enough so after better thought built a new training system (old system plus more about affiliate marketing and paid advertisements) to create CBU 2.0 (aka Clickbank University 2.0).  

What I liked about Clickbank University 2.0

Here they streamlined it quite a bit to at give us consumers more worth for our money. Quite a lot of people liked Clickbank 2.0. Here is what I liked about them.

  1. It is much better than 1st Clickbank University: They had a thought about did a bit of redoing and added more content to their training such as not just about Clickbank but more on Traffic, Tools they recommend you using and more videos.
  2. They have a thriving community, with users asking many Q&A’s and doing seminars which is helpful in the affiliate marketing community.
  3. As it is a Clickbank introduced training CBU 2.0 offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not interested in using their training. It can even be processed even faster about 19 days if you have done all the relevant actions.
  4. Even though most are just ideas they do have some high quality affiliate marketing techniques which I found effective enough such as Youtube crashcourse or maximising Instagram influencers.

The Cons of CBU 2.0 which I totally hated…

Most of such programs will have some bad points to it that is not to everyone’s liking. I found some of it a bit overbearing, here is some reasons made me feel it was not for me.

  1. When I mentioned the last point “just ideas” part, well, that is what they offer. Most are good suggestions but also quite FREE if you know where to look hard enough to dig it up. So I recommend looking at some other sources before trying CBU.
  2. The Upsells, I understand Clickbank University 2.0 is optimizing to make more money. Though the real advantages come from when you buy their Site Builder or from other tools, which is more than the $47/-per month and just reeling you in to milk you…sadly…

    Why do they have to milk you to before making you $$$???

Would I Recommend Clickbank University 2.0?

Personally, I decided not to use CBU 2.0 due to the above factors and it felt it reeled me in to bleed more than help me.

THOUGH, I think it is still not bad with their community and Q&A’s and with people who have had success with CBU 2.0. If you are going to use Clickbank University, I recommend you stick to it if you feel that it is a program for you. As with msot things, affiliate marketing success does not come overnight and you will need to put effort into it.

I DO NOT recommend you getting their CBU Sitebuilder as it is not best value for money and if you are looking to use their other tools they recommend like Thrive Themes. It is up to you. It is really just UPsells and there is similar stuff out there.

Clickbank University 2.0 Tools & Training Includes…

It includes quite a few bit and pieces of training you might take note of. Firstly the CBU 2.0 dashboard is split into 4 different sections for certain types of training:

  • Getting Started – General introduction to what they do how they going to help you.
  • Vendors – just how you will set-up and sell your brand and how to maximize those profits. Takes 2 months.
  • Affiliate – how you going to sell Clickbank University and various products it has
  • Traffic – how to juice up your traffice through various means especially by using Youtube and IG influencers to promote the products you want to sell.
  • QA and Forum: 2 seperate parts in which you have to pay to unlock

They also have a extra product the Site Builder that helps you develop a site of your own on their platform and a good landing page.

That’s basically the tools that they hold, use as you please if you are using CBU 2.0

What Support CBU 2.0 provides for YOU

Quite a bit of support: as they are backed by one of the biggest affiliate programs out there the support it be slower but is really effective (if you have queries or want your cash back). Then also the community is quote big with forums and live Q&A’s from other users that are using Clickbank. That is useful for an affiliate marketer who is trying to get around to places and connect with others.

Details of Clickbank University 2.0 Cost

Here is a brief description from them of what the costs of Clickbank University 2.0 look like:

This is also their commission structure if you are interested in looking at. Though the cost description is as follows:

  1. $47 is for the basic monthly you have to pay
  2. The Upsell No.1 $594 is for the CBU Site Builder
  3. Downsell No.1 $97 monthly is for the unlocking all of CBU like the Q&A and Forum
  4. 2nd Upsell is for their tools called Thrive Themes.

So you get the picture in a nutshells: $47/-per month ++++

Is Clickbank University 2.0 a Scam (according to me)

In a nutshell, no, Clickbank University 2.0 is not a scam. Though is it value for money? No as well. Though if you still feel that it is the training for you I think go for it with ease. Admittedly Clickbank is still a big money making institution to master and it might help. Though remember the cons and choose wisely.

I am using a program which offers this and hosts my sites and more without upsells…

—–> If you are interested to find out about this training click here.


Clickbank University 2.0 at a Glance…

Website: https://clickbankuniversity.com
Price: $47/- per month + $594 (CBU Prodict) + $97 (monthly Upsells)
Scheme Type: Affiliate Marketing Crashcourse/ Digital Platform
Owners: Matt Hulett, Adam Horwitz & Justin Atlan in 2013
Overall Rank: 70 out of 100


VERDICT: LEGIT, use it try it out. See if it works for you. Make sure you note the hidden costs.

Can Bafana Bafana make South Africa Proud (advance in AFCON)

Go Bafana, go for it!

This has been on every South African’s mind and maybe the world after 2010 World Cup and the infamous vuvuzelas.

South Africans since Apartheid have wanted to succeed and that is personified in the passion for sports. And none have been placed so much hope as Bafana Bafana (South African Senior Men’s Soccer Team).

Or will they be like the girlfriend you go back to even though she lets you down over and over again?

Where They Stand in the 2019 AFCON in Egypt

Bafana Bafana have put in  a valiant display to qualify for the 2019 African Continental showpiece with famous wins to Nigeria and the Libya and some weird lows as a draw to the Seychelles. But they got there…

Even though there is no mandate for Bafana Bafana but the team members wanted to make South Africa proud.


After the 1-0 loss to Ivory Coast and 0-1 win to Namibia this is how it stands on the group rankings…

Bafana Bafana Results After Round 2

Do Bafana Bafana have Chance to Qualify to Knockout Rounds

As it stands it seems YES> the 12 teams ranking 1st and 2nd in the group qualify and the 4 best 3rd placed teams also qualify. That means as it stands at least Bafana Bafana have saved an inkling to to qualify, especially with some 3rd placed teams not doing as well as imagined. But…

Is it Enough For Bafana Bafana to make it Quarter Finals or Win?

That has been on all South African’s minds as they do not want to add numbers but to let the world know they love their football (soccer) and want to be proud. Soccer is a sport that unites blacks and whites if you remember Invictus (about the South African Rugby Team – Springboks winning the World Cup); South Africans set high standards for their teams. 

What Needs to Fixed During This Tournament for Bafana

Bafana Bafana’s last group game is against Morocco, and since their famous friend coach Herve Renard they have not been pushovers. Beating Ivory Coast and Namibia they are not to be taken lightly. Bafana better bring their A game. From their previous games not sure if it is first game jitters (Come On, you play football professionally)… few things need to really to be fixed.

Work Your Voodoo, Stuart!

Even though there is NO MANDATES for Stuart Baxter, he will be feeling the heat with pride on the line. He should at least have noticed the few things:

Stuart, friend we as fans just so worried you aren’t utilizing the talent to the fullest extent. But we can only trust you… please work your magic and make us proud. 

Goalkeeping: Even though there has been some sound goalkeeping by Darren Keet & Ronwen Williams, findling and being unsure on the ball has shown their jitters. They have to just make sound defensive decisions.

Defenders: would a different combination be in order as even though they saved some for Bafana Bafana, their defensive gaps left exposed by the opposition, much to the chagrin of the midfielders, having to go back…I am looking at you guys Hlanti and Mkhize.

Midfielders: we have good workers and creative footballers and they are all dedicated in Furman, Zungu, Zwane, Vilakazi, Serero… is there a good change in combination against different opposition as to dominate the midfield instead of losing balls and creating chances for the opposing side.

Strikers: There used to be lack of goals but Percy Tau, Lars Veldvijk, Lebo Mothiba have been showing promise and intent. They need to be fed more opportuntities by midfield so they can develop their confidence. They have missed some sitters but IF they advance their confidence will swell up as well.

Country’s Pride At Stake

Make South Africa Proud Bafana!

I see that they are starting to be proud of representing South Africa, but players must remember they are also representing the fans. In order to be footballing powerhouse takes humility to work as a team and confidence to beat any opposition. 

Especially if Bafana Bafana is working towards the next AFCON and the next World Cup.

As South Africans we are sore losers, but we generally want to be proud.


Play convincing football. 

What My Heart Tells Me

It is still to hard to tell if Bafana Bafana will make it. As a humble fan, one hopes that they make it to the next round and make South Africa proud. Please don’t disappoint the South African fans. You guys can raise a nation.

Play with your heart, reach as high as you can.

Go Bafana Bafana!!!

What do you think of Bafana Bafana’s chances? Is there anything you can think of they can do? Leave a comment to discuss.

The Six Figure Mentors Review: The Honest Review

We all want to make money online in the fastest and most effective way possible and hearing six-figures, wow, we all want it. I am going to be brutally honest here. Six-Figure Mentors IS NOT the best. It kind of works but let me get into it.

The Six Figure Mentors Review

Name: The Six Figure Mentors
Website: https://thesixfigurementors.com
Price: $29.95 + $97/mth + $297 + $2,500/yr + up to $20,000 few upsells here
Scheme Type: Affiliate Marketing Training (?)
Owners: Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek
Overall Rank: 40 out of 100

What is Six Figure Mentors?

Six-Figure Mentors is in on the surface an affiliate marketing program offering training and support on ways to make money online. Though in its very essense is MLM (multi-layered marketing) in it’s strategies and ways. You have to remember what is being offered if you are really going to get into this.

See these dudes, imagine them with cloaks and REALLY wanting your money. They’re happy.

What is Good about Six Figure Mentors?

It still tries to be as good as it can be, so it does present you with some good to it. such as:

  • They offer quite a bit of online assistance and support with in-depth videos and step-by-step ebook plans, showing you how they want you to make money
  • There is 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with what they have so at the very least you have a choice if you want it or not.
  • Some of their strategies of how affiliate marketing works is not too far from the truth, how to advertise, to develop sales to make a email list… so forth.
  • The try to be transparent as can be, their founders are on full display, their methods are there, there ARE people getting success from Six Figure Mentors
  • Though…

Six Figure Mentors – Not All Bad, Right? 

That is where the opinions differ as Six Figure Mentors here determines if they are a scam or not. You will find some things that are really noticeable.

Firsthand look at their dashboard – spot the scammy parts?

  • Making money is for the rich: they give you the basics but if you want more the have Upsells, Upsells and more Upsells, to the cost of $ 20,000 which is what most scams
  • You only make money by selling them: that is MLM to the truest sense, you can only make money by selling their product, the discount making money from other sources like Amazon and Clickbank, that it restricts your business model.
  • Try to be Transparent: As transparent a they try to be the system is still flawed, I checked their owers are hard to contact and their communication system hard to use. So if you wanted more it hard to come by in community support.

If you want to try it you are going have to be ABSOLUTELY SURE>>>

Who might Six Figure Mentors be For?

If you are 1 of those gamers who Pay-To-Win this might be good for you. The 1~2% of the population who can afford it. Even then it is NO GUARANTEE you will make money. You would need a basic idea of a) what they are selling (themselves) and b) already have an audience to see to, which is not plausible for newbies like you and money to passive income.

More about Six Figure Mentor Support and Tools

Just a little more on their training, they offer the basics of the following which has some support and practical training as mentioned:

  • SFM ads on how their members make money online
  • 7 day free video on what they do
  • Contact with a Consultant
  • Then… you have to buy their stuff…

The extra stuff contains sales funnels in order to sell their product more of have they want you to do it  and their coveted DEA (digital experts academy) which again costs money.

Thoughthey do not offer everything at once it is slow climb to make you

PAY $20,000…waaaaat!

How I look when I heard the upsells.

The Fee Structure of Six Figure Mentors

The sign-up is free then they give you little then they make you initially pay $29 to upgrade then more then…

  • Affiliate Access: FREE (You can’t access anything much here)
  • Student Access: $29.95 + $25/month (Optional)
  • Essential Membership: $297 + $97/month
  • Elite Membership: $2,500/year + $97/month
  • THIS…

Then comes their DEA membership which has:

  • DEA Silver: $2,500
  • DEA Gold: $8,000
  • DEA Platinum: $11,000
  • DEA Black: $20,000

If you do not believe me at least they show you the costs here. You are interested to compare.

My Views of Six Figure Mentors

They try their best to show you how to make money but ultimately they are selling dreams. Money that people like you and I do not even have to start with. If you are looking to a good affiliate training platform try Udemy or even Wealthy Affiliate at least:

a) Give you more ways to monetize your site
b) At least more transparent than Six Figure Mentors with the support and help.
c) More money for worth for 1 time fee or for monthly fee to use their system.

In the end Online Passive Income, you still need to put the WORK into it to make it work. 

If you still not sure if Six Figure mentor is a scam: IT IS A SCAM… use scam to make money be warned~

Six Figure Mentor at a Glance…

Name: The Six Figure Mentors
Website: https://thesixfigurementors.com
Price: $29.95 + $97/mth + $297 + $2,500/yr + up to $20,000 few upsells here
Scheme Type: Affiliate Marketing Training (?)
Owners: Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek
Overall Rank: 40 out of 100

Ultimate Verdict: Not legit, just baiting you try find better sources to start your Affiliate Marketing journey

<<< I use this Program, but you can choose, CLICK if you are sure>>>