Rich Dad Summit Review – Some Must-Knows To Remember

Finally I get to do something that is worth a good review. I have been looking at a few dodgey schemes and fancy scams and it is time to try something that might be useful for people to try.

After writing the reward winning book Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki did not stop there. He still has Summit and is a lecturer too. Read on to see my view and my take on this. 

Robert really wants to help…

Rich Dad Summit Review

Name: Rich Dad Summit
Price: US$ 1 (Initial 2 day) + Upsells US$ 47 or $97 (if you choose to) +$67/-monthly
Scheme Type: Finance Education Scheme
Owners: Robert Kiyosaki (man himself) and Anik Singal
Overall Rank: 80 out of 100

What is Rich Dad Summit About?

Basically it is a 16hr symposium designed by Robert Kiyosaki which is suppose to help you have a financial mindest and get you into the money making mood.

It covers a broad range of topics about money, like current ways to make money, how to invest your money, how to save money and how to use money.

If you are stuck in a rut to make an income this might be a way to psych yourself up.

Just a little on Robert Kiyosaki…

To most people Robert Kiyosaki is a household name,he wrote the book called Rich Dad Poor Dad. Rich Dad Poor Dad is basically book about finances in an allegorial setting (stories with lessons) which attained mostly from his life. Robert himslef has been interviewed by Oprah Wifrey, Forbes,CNN just to name a few.

He made his money and right now he is just generally content with helping others prep themselves up to make money. He is a lecturer at

About his book, many have found it a good read. There has been criticism that it is not proper representation of how cultures and finances are like today, but my view is if you read the book take it with a grain of salt. It’s aim is to give you a whimsical view and get you into the right mindset to make money.

What is So Good About Rich Dad Summit?

There are quite a few things that you can note that makes it a good try such as:

  • It is designed by Robert Kiyosaki himself, he found like-minded people to give lectures on what life choices you have to make money.
  • It covers a broad spectrum of subjects that relates to money, some that I have not even thought of. Good for some interesting listening, quite informative too.
  • It is cost effective, for what its aim is. Apart from the Upsells, getting a famous person go give a series of talks regarding their secrets generally costs a lot of money. For the initial price that is ok. Truth be told, the upsells are there but not too expensive.
  • The Clickbank assurance is still their if you aren’t satisfied with what he gives you. There is a money back guarantee.

Rich Dad Summit Ain’t Perfect…

It still has its flaws and it isn’t perfect. Neither do I think it is good for everyone. Main reasons such as:

  •  The lectures are tedious, about 16hrs long. Some of the information if you arenot looking for it can be really tiring. Fall asleep tiring.
  • The Upsells are still there, not fond of buying 1 to buy more, but at least there is a only 1 time and 1 you can choose to have monthly and Robert uses his style of relaying the message.

So weigh up the pro’s and con’s before buying this pack.

If you have decided it is only $1, worth a try. 

Who might Rich Dad Summit be for?

IF you aren’t sure what might be good for making your profit AND stuck in a rut, this might be for you. Though, you must be an avid listener to get through the seminars.

Rich Dad Summit Details And Lessons

Rich Dad Summit Speakers

There is heck of a lot of information that is fitted into the 16hrs.

The 1 day entails, the different ways to make a passive income:

  1. Secrets to building long-term wealth (Robert Kiyosaki & Jeremy Bellotti)
  2. Diving into the Cashflow Quadrant (Andy Tanner)
  3. The difference between creating a job & being an entrepreneur (Jeremy Bellotti)
  4. The best online and offline business opportunities (Andrew Lantz)
  5. The fastest way to start a business – The X Factor (Jeremy Bellotti & Anik Singal)
  6. Assets vs. Liabilities (Andrew Lantz)
  7. Demystifying the stock market (Andy Tanner)
  8. An Email list as an asset? (Anik Singal)
  9. Building your success team (Jeremy Bellotti)

The 2nd day entails how to make your money work for you through various investments:

  1. Success is Simple (Jeremy Bellotti)
  2. Profit from Real Estate…The Rich Dad way! (Robert’s real estate investing coaches)
  3. The opportunity in Bitcoin (Max Wright)
  4. How to leverage the global economy to develop a business (Fred Lam)
  5. The power of soft assets (Andrew Lantz)
  6. The tax savings of becoming an investor & entrepreneur (Tom Wheelwright)
  7. How to protect your assets (Garrett Sutton)
  8. The power of contribution (Anik Singal)

There are quite cool as it tells you how to make money work AND how to find legit ways to cut taxes, definitely worth a look into.

The upsells entail how to continue making money and wise money management.

Rich Dad Summit Extras

Apart from the $1 for the 16hrs, there are a few extras:

Upsell 1 RIch Dad Insider: $67/-per month which gives inside views on business and stuff

Upsell 2 5 Money Secrets: $97 or lite for $47, basically some of Robert Kiyosaki’s secrets to using, spending and saving money.

My Final Opinion on Rich Dad Summit

If you are down in the dumps and you need something to rev you up to make money it is worth a try.  Thoough for the upsells I do not highly recommend those as most are out there.

Sometimes in a rut we alll need a hand.

Sometimes we need a hand.

For me, I found my niche in affiliate marketing and if you need coaching you can find me here. I would be glad to help. 

Rich Dad Summit at a Glance…

Name: Rich Dad Summit
Price: US$ 1 (Initial 2 day) + Upsells US$ 47 or $97 (if you choose to) +$67/-monthly
Scheme Type: Finance Education Scheme
Owners: Robert Kiyosaki (man himself) and Anik Singal
Overall Rank: 80 out of 100

VERDICT: LEGIT, recommended if you are looking for a zen way to making money.

What is you view on Rich Dad Summit? Tried it out? Please share your thoughts, let us know what to look out for.  

Great Thing About Pokémon Detective Pikachu (a Pokémon Review)

In depth Pokémon Detective Pikachu… This has been one of better anime to real life movies

Cinematography: 8/10 (Got some great designs in there)
Storyline : 6/10 (The feels was kind of ok)
The Hype: 9/10 (Everyone remembers Pokémon is really hyped)

Overall Score from my books 7/10. Still one of the better movies from anime, much better than Dragonball, Avatar: Last Air Bender, Ghost in The Shell. Bit higher than Alita: Battle Angel. This is what I liked about the Detective Pikachu. No spoilers until mentioned.

The Storyline So Far…

It is about Tim Goodman (Justice Smith), a very average insurance in a very extraordinary world of Pokémon. He has no aspirations to be  Pokémon Trainer just wants to do insurance to the chagrin of his friends. Though, gets news from Ryme City that his estranged father Harry Goodman (a Pokémon Detective) was in a fatal accident and goes there. Though, after speaking to Detective Hideo Yoshida (Ken Watanabe) and finding his father’s Pikachu (played by Ryan Reynolds who he can speak to but nobody else can hear), he teams up with Pikachu, reporter Lucy Stevens (Kathryn Newton) & her Psyduck to out what really happened to his father.

– What I liked about this was how they integrated Pokémon into the world, especially how they interacted. It felt really realistic and plausible. You can keep eye on when Tim arrives in Ryme City how the trainers interact with their Pokémon.
– What I was bit let down was how the overall story felt rather cliché (even the big reveals). You almost predict how the story was going to pan out. They could of taken some tips from Zootopia; they did a rather good twist with the old cliché.

Cinemetography (So good it feels real)

Great Integration into the World of Pokemon

I mentioned above, great job by the makers to really integrate Pokémon into the natural world and human society. The looked for similarities to animals and stuff that we know, to make these Pokémon real. And watching the movie you can really tell.  Watching Growlithe and Policemen patrolling the streets, seeing a Machamp controlling the traffic and watching bulbasaurs in the wild, it just feels real.

There is about 56 Pokémon seen in the movie and 41 other Pokémon alluded to in the film. Try see if you can spot them: Pikachu, Mew, Mewtwo, Cubone, Snubbull, Psyduck, Pidgey, Pidgeotto, Pidgeot, Doduo, Dodrio, Rattata, Boufallant, Lickitung, Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Aipom, Growlithe, Arcanine, Golurk, Rufflat, Braviary, Comfey, Pancham, Pangoro, Audino, Joltik, Octillery, Sneasel, Snorlax, Machamp, Treecko, Charizard, Togepi, Blastoise, Magikarp, Gyrados, Loudred, Emola, Greninja, Jigglypuff, Ludicolo, Mr Mime, Slaking, Ditto, Eevee, Flareon, Torterra, Morelull, Flabebe, Totodile and finally Venusaur.

I think I found them all, but let me know in the comments I you can find others I missed.

The Hype (Again It Is Pokémon We Are Talking About)

The one thing that most movie makers struggle with for anime movies is to make it real and relatable. Detective Pikachu does just that, making it real and relatable.

There have been so many other anime movies that did not make it believable or did not stay true to the manga, we as movie watchers & anime enthusiasts have been left frustrated. Though the story is not the best and people who played the video game or knows detective tropes could guess the ending quite accurately. Though, it does leave room for having a Pokémon movie. A real good one too.

What Next for The Pokémon Franchise

No, just no…No!!!

I have got to hand it to Legendary Pictures for finally getting it right… then we have Sonic with teeth…

Anyway, this does leave room for a sequel or even a dig into the real franchise and get Ash Ketchum into the mix. Doing something different has finally paid off if they keep it true to the Pokémon world fans are rooting for it.

Overall 7/10, verdict: great feel for Pokémon in the world. Please tweak the story and you will be there.

What’s your thoughts on the movie? Leave a comment to let me know how your feel.


Google Core Algorithm Update (what It Means for Bloggers on Google)

Each time Google rolls out an update, bloggers such as you and I get the brunt of it. Of course it takes heart to write about your favourite content and to be helpful in it, but then there is also SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which is basically how high you are rated on Google so users can find you easier.

More users = Being More helpful = More Monetary Value

That is what we all strive for unless you writing about your secret diary (even then it seems you want the world to know anyway). So YES, SEO affects us all. If Google updates its Core Algorithm (I am talking CORE changes), it affects SEO which affects us all.

So after searching the internet (so many graphs and words), I just wanted to summarise these updates and how it affected us. I do hope this is helpful and you ca something out of it.

What is a Google Search Algorithm???

This is the only graph I could find from 2012, at least it proves the point.

Basically, it is the super code that helps google pick sites that are relevant to the users topic. They have a core algorithm which controls everything and other algorithms which define specific searches. Of course other Search Engines such as Bing, Baidu Yahoo and DuckDuckGo all have their own algorithms but Google risen to the top.

That’s why we say: “Let Me Google That.”

Of course we want to keep an eye on other search engines but we are concerned if Google changes their Core Algorithm (even if it peeves us off). It messes up with search engine tools too so they have to try find out why and redo their apps with updates too. So what updates has their been?

What Updates Have There Been on Google Search Engine?

Well 1 thing we have to remember that the engineers and mathematicians are humans too (robots still need programming by humans). So from time to time they mess up and they do mini-updates on their search engines quite frequently (when I say frequently sometimes approx. 7~8 times per week). Though here are the bigger updates we need to take note of:

For Google Search Engine updates they post quite frequently and answer questions on their twitter account here. If you want to read it all.

The most recent is 2019 June Core Update. This is the first pre-announced core update to date. This has been rolling out as I am writing this article. Bascically they have been redefining some grouping for subdomains and putting priority on EAT (Effectiveness, Authoritiveness, Trustworthiness). Biggest loser is CCN (CryptoCoinsNews dropped by 50%) and winners seem to be tabloid magazine (The Mirror, a UK tabloid magazine). Seems they are aiming for relevancy (what we ALL talk about) and transparency (sites with less dubious links and financial gains – face it, cryptcurrency is still best illegal way, sadly, that fraudsters use) and (theory of) paid searches.  

The other one 2019 March Core Update. This has has mainly impacted the health industry. This search core algorithm put priority in indexing pages that centered on the health and food industry (like Yelp & Dr. Axe) and impacted some news and some glamour magazines (GQ & Vanity Fair).

Google kind of lost their creative naming and dropped it to help people isolate key changes and updates to their core algorithm.

Previously more significant updates in summary they had:

  • Google Pandain 2011They started to do a crackdown on pages which where just sucking up keywords for SEO with no content.
  • Google Penguin, which happened in 2012, they worked to towards decreasing relevancy in sites with unnnatural site users or sites that used black-hat SEO (backlinks that are misleading)
  • Google Hummingbird, that happened in 2012, which expanded their searches to improve on their foreign searches (that explains why you have some more pages in Arabic and Hindi and started asking you more silly questions.

You can Google or Wiki it if you want more info (the graphs the horror), I am starting to get tired of offering links.

What it Means for Us as Bloggers

In short, Google is always looking for what is RELEVANT to people worldwide. If are looking to doing more in blogs in the health niche or just tabloid news niche that is looking good. You might want to keep steer away, if you are looking into stuff with unknown or strange sources such as cryptocurrency. And of course, no misleading info.

The above effect wider range of industries which can give you an idea of what you want to try in a niche. Always remember to follow the EAT principal (which they preach about in all SEO), Effectiveness, Authortitiveness, Trustworthiness, all engines go by if not being paid. This means:

  • You want your site content to be transparent and helpful.
    – In a thought, reviews are still good, just make sure it is insightful and helps people.
  • Build more authority by being a unique brand, which means writing stuff with your views and writing frequently.
  • Keep on optimizing for user intent, again it is about the person. So not just write with keywords but with heart. Always try to interact with your audience too.

What is Next For Google Search Engine & Optimizing Core Updates?

Most of it, is just speculation. They will probably do few more fixes and updates to the new core updates from time to time. For big updates this might be Google for now (generally limit it to a few in a year to not dirupt it all), as they gather information and get more thoughts on the matter.  You can be sure that they will find ways to increase transparency and unique helpful content

My Conclusion on the Core Updte

At this point, people like you and me are never going to be 100% sure what Google will come up with. What we do know is that Google will keep trying to find out what people like and what they want to know. So it is always good for bloggers to keep an eye on what is happening around them and to the world, and always keep your indivuality (just be you).

So what is your thought on Googles Core Algorithm Updates? Please let a thought and let me know too.

Even Before Job is in Jeopardy, Always Have Room For Plan B (Make Sure you Do This)

Some say, the economy is thriving now and it has never been any better. Though, we are living in a “good” economy now somehow we still have people who have sad tales to tell of how they were recently laid off after years on the job. It has been a sudden punch to the gut that they don’t know what to do. A good example is in the culminary business Jamie Oliver’s restaurants closed after a few years but leaving an aftermath of 1000+ employees without employment. Jamie is okay as he has a Plan B, his staff not so much.

If you look at the job market today still their are on-going emails, phonecalls, messages and articles that just keep on ringing of people who are stll looking for a job. It just sense that stable economy = stable job.

It is true that there are still demands for jobs out there especially in the tech industry which still on the rise and you could still land your dream job. Though, if you are have been a businessman or investment guru, actually common sense will tell, what goes up must always come down. It is just how businesses work even large companies such as AliBaba, Facebook or even Apple, they will have their ups then they will have their downs. Then they go cut jobs.

Not to mention if it goes so low that the economy hits another downturn or recession due to powers beyond any of our control.

Even as an old general in the company for many years about to retire, that is not a guarantee either. It seems that the trend in market now is to find interns that are fraction of anolder employees salary to do the job. That’s how they save on costs.

So, as a young man/woman going into the job industry, or someone who is currently content with their job or just an employee that is about to retire, it is always good to have a plan B. Here’s what you should be doing even if you are still in a job …

Be Attentive To Whats In The Office

The office can be a cutthroat place especially if you have a long standing achievements in the company. So as you go about your daily acitivities in the office remember to:

Always be attentive to what is happening in your office

Maybe have a talk with your employer or your colleagues, take not of any job relocations or a downturn in the industry. Always keep an eye out for some tell-tale signs of something fishy going on. You should always be comfortable in your job by remember: hope for the best and expect the worst.

Keep Your Options Open

As the world changes without giving most people time to even think about it, it is always good to have options even before the axe drops. Here is a few ideas you could do to keep your options open:

In a stable market, always have a fallout plan.

  • Haven’t updated your skills yet? Try updating your resume/ CV from time to time. If you time permits keep an eye on your linkedin profile and update that as well. Maybe keep in touch with old friends and business partners.
  • Keep on weighing your options on what is going around in the job market. If recruiters are recruiting, or classifieds has a few ads, keep an eye on what is going around in your industry.
  • Look out for locations that might have more of jobs that require your expertise. If you really need to go at least you know where to go.
  • If your spouse is working: make sure they keep their options open, such as looking out for higher salary or just other jobs in general

So the point is to keep attentive to the job market. Enough that your remain Woke, but not too much that it seems that you are actively looking for another job. There is also some passive activities you can do…

Old Dog New Tricks, New Dog New Tricks

An old dog should always try new tricks

Again as the world changes dramatically a person mist always remain adaptable to to what is happening around you. Even in a passive sense you can do that.

Try taking taking on extra lessons to expand your skills or if you are older in the market how about going back to school. I have heard people pivot before from doing office jobs to programming because they learnt Java, Ruby-on-Rails. Or learnt another language to be more adaptable. Even if you do not leave your job these skills will help you in the long run and expand your horizons.

How About Starting A Side Business (Side-Hustle)

This does not have to interfere with your job it can be something you are interested in want to take on. Something that takes time to grow but what you can work on in your spare time. It is always good to have some extra income to supplement your main income as well.

There have been some who have gone into blogging, some have gone into part time programming, maybe even building a website is good as well. Some do some microjobs or even part-time tour guides as they enjoy doing something different. Some also do part-time investing with the extra they have. There is so much if you keep an eye.

Mindset is Everything

Above all remember NEVER go into a downward spiral of negativity, that can make you feel powerless and drain your energy. It can be hard if you fall into a rut, to pull yourself back up again.

So remember to remain positive, motivated and connected. That way people want to work with you if the time comes (because of your positive personality) and motivated to do any endeavour you might be looking.

So How To Create Plan B…

Same for me, I love my job and being able to to the outdoors makes my job special. I was a recruiter before this so I remember how volatile the workplace can be. Though, it does get shaky so I started an online business something that will keep me afloat. If is going well, so far so good. I just regret delaying it.

If you weigh on the above you might have some idea of what kind of Plan B you want to have. Make sure you do it NOW> don’t think of doing it later you might regret it.

So what is your Plan B? Please leave a message and exchange some ideas.

The Iron Throne Goes To… Game of Thrones Finale: Season 8 Episode 6

After the nightmare that transpired from Season 8 Episode 4. The writers would hae had to pull a miracle out their a^%$es to give their viewers a satisfying ending. Pull they did, it was the best they could do after all the blunders: not enough lighting, the heel turn of Queen of Dragons, uninspiring end to some characters, oh and copious amounts of genocide. Overall it was good, good enough to at least put a satisfying ending to the Iron Throne, and build on new adventures ahead.

Cinematogephy: 8/10
Storyline: 6.5/10
Hype: 7/10, we all want to know who wins the Iron Throne.
The Feels: 8/10, saying goodbye is always hard

Recommend for Watching: yes, 8/10 to at least clean your palate after watching episodes 4 and 5, and to offer closure to the series as Game of Thrones Finale.

I will try leave SPOILERS for last. But, you are warned. Here are some adverts to divide your attention from spoilers. 


The Good

This has at best been a tumultous semi-satisfying ending to a good story spanning 70 odd episodes and 8 seasons. The ideas on everyones and the writers minds: HOW will we break this Wheel?

It is confirmed that Jaime and Cersei Lannister is dead, after all the incestruous, murdering schemes, they did die how they would of wanted to together, lying on top of each other. This does offer poetic end to one fo the evil characters of Game of Thrones and passionate end to the Kingslayer, who becomes the QueenSaver… too soon, oh well.

At least they reunited Jon Snow with his Wolf (his dire wolf), which makes things come full circle and more as he gets to lead the wildlings to a new world. This is makes me feel good, since he left Ghost without even much of a goodbye.

The stopping of the deterioration of Dany into the Mad Queen. If she lived there was so much forboding what she might be like. In order to stop everybody hating this season, probably that was the next best thing. We all kind of knew they were going to kill her and the MeToo movement, would of been nice if she sat on the Throne.

The Wheel is Broken, you know the wheel Daenerys keeps on about breaking, which is the hierachy that is the Iron Throne and noble houses. Sort of… explain it later. So symbolic that Drogon got to melt the Iron Throne so that no one got to it again.

The Bad

They sorta Broke the Wheel, when Sam Tarly recommended that the kingdoms could by democracy. The nobles laughed so hard they almost died themselves. Democracy is whack.. gee.. where did they get that from? Looking at you America, laughingstock of the Seven Conitnents, Joke of the World, 1st of Its Name, Donald Trump’s lil b&^^%.

Dany is dead, they stopped the character from getting worse but at a cost of losing one of the best female lead out there. Daenerys was one fo those characters victim of abuse could look to and female rolemodel. Then they ruin it.

Poor Jon Snow, we all thought he would be the next best thing to the Iron Throne but alas, our hopes were in vain. He is back to doing what he does best: being a Bastard, back to Night’s Watch.

Greyworm, they took his lover, now they took his queen. He wanted a war he got none. Nothing really worked for him. There goes the other character that looks like of diverse African American culture. His face says it all…

The Feels & Deals of Game of Thrones

There have been some good intense moments and great feeling in Game of Thrones that offers good viewing for those who want closure. Such as…

Sansa got the last laugh, she is now Queen of the North. She got a good deal out of that, gain the North’s Independance.

Tyrion Lannister gets to keep his life. From the last episode we were sure he would be the next guy to be killed in Game of Thrones and if Dany lived he might have been in a long line dead people. The sad part is, or good, he gets to keep his job as Hand of The King/Queen, the same job he was trying to get rid of since Season 1.  In the histroy books of Song of Fire & Ice, he doesn’t even get a mention. Poor Tyrion, back to work.

Also Jon Snow doesn’t get throne. For his penalty of killing Dany, his lover. He loses his lover, his family, his kingdom but he he gets to get back to his work of being the Night’s Watch for not getting killed by Grey Worm and the Unsullied (Yay?). At least he gets to be united with Ghost and the Wildlings and they get to trek to the unknown world after the aftermath of the Night King and his White Walkers.

The one emotional part. Drogon sad. Drogon cries.

Drogon is free: he gets to go everywhere until Bran gets to him. Though he loses

The Iron Throne goes to …. NO ONE> The Seven Kingdoms go to Bran The Broken, definitely the first of the name, Ruler of the Seven Kingoms. He knows all, sees all, and let all the atrocities happen to be there. They did fulfill Dany’s dream of breaking the “Wheel” and destroying the Iron Throne. Also as Bran can sire no children, it’s Gucci for the Noble houses. They get to choose the next king, instead of the people: here’s a up yours to the United Seven Kingdoms. I wonder if the next king also gets to be the Three-Eyed Raven, History of the World, like a transfer.

Now What is in Store for The Seven Kingdoms and Beyond

This does tie up all the ends that is the story of Game of Thrones. It also offers so much for the future that is touted as spin-offs of Game of Thrones. We have Jon Snow and the Wildlings going to the wild unknown (adventures of Davey Crockett). There is Arya sailing to adventure in the East (sounds like a Sinbad story to me).  What will kinging be like with Bran the Broken and his open vacancies (ala Apprentice). Even Grey Worm’s travel to Naath, will he protect the peaceful people there or bring war with him. It offers a lot for producers to play with. Even R.R Martin get a chance to rewrite history as he still hasn’t finished his book (he could still make a killing).

All in all it ended in a way it could… anything else would of have probably got worse. To end it in Bran’s words: You were there as you were suppose to be there.

VERDICT: 8/10, go for it, you already there. 

Let me know what you think should be the new spin-offs for these Game of Thrones stories. Please drop a comment.

Unite The Kingdoms of China! Total War: Three Kingdoms Review (Read Before Trying)

Total War: Three Kingdoms Review

Name: Total War: Three Kingdoms
Price: US$ 55 ~ US$ 70
Where to Buy: order from Steam or Ebay
Developers: Creative Assembly
Overall Rank: 85 out of 100

The Newest Addition to the Total War Series: The Three Kingdoms

Choose a faction, rally your generals, and through benelovence or tyranny, unite the wartorn regions of a divided China. One of the latest editions in the Total War Series this is game is shaping to be a perfect art of gaming and creativity. It is just one of those games that is proving to be a keeper. Anyone who is interested historical warring states of China that is Romance of the Three Kingdoms or even looking to rewrite that history into a What If? or even taking control of the famous generals of lore such as Lu Bu, Guang Yu or Zhao Yun, this is for you.

There is a lot to look into. Just scroll through what you looking for in a game but be sure to try the Youtube videos included to get a better picture. 

The Story 85/100

The story is set in 190 AD during the twilight days of the Han Empire. The Emporer Xian has risen to the throne at 8 years old and is now being kept captive by the tyrant Dong Zhuo. During this time warlords have appeared each with their way in order to unite ancient China, Liu Bei wants to rescue his nephew the emporer, Cao Cao schemes to subjugate the states under his rule and each warlord looking to become legends in what is during the warring states of China.

Will you be the one who unites the great empire and bend destiny to your control?

The Gameplay 70/100

The game is basically along similar lines of Total War Series which are real time turn based strategy games. Even if you are new to the Total War games, you can get into the game and its mechanics without the previous experience. Though there is a lot of game mechanics  to look into it actually makes it exciting as you go through what each menu and choices do. It is divided along moving along the diplomatic map and battle enactment for you to control.

During the game you can choose 1 of the warlord factions, and move along the diplomatic map itself. In the beginning you can take certain missions that a line witht the story of the warlord in order to gain prestige. Unique Prestige could be called various things located under the warlord’s portrait such as nobility, infamy, intimidation and etc. On the map, you can move your main warlord and generals around, raise troops, raze/ occupy/ destroy villages or cities, encounter dilemmas and establish diplomatic relations with other warlords.  Here some more specific details on these mechanics:
– The diplomacy (Guanxi) is really important, securing your borders choosing your enemies and allies might help you secure borders in order to establish your towns/cities as your base of operations. You can trade resources, give gifts, set trade or give a character for marriage to gain benefits.
– With the unique prestige factor a warlord gets can help in helping diplomacy or raise in the hierachy or other special traits to unluck with each warlord, this is effected how you react to certain situations or outcomes after you conquer a city.
Dilemmas are encountered during the game which goes along enactments in history such as assassination of Dong Zhuo, or general being kidnapped, and how you react can effect your overall prestige or diplomacy. These dig into the what if’s to give you chance to diverge from main historical situations to establish your own empire. Even your main female warlord could marry the general from legend Zhang Fei.
– You also get to enact reforms which improves certain parts of your warlord’s faction. That is a literal peach blossom tree. I will get into later.
– You can build buildings in cities or resource areas to gain gold resources or improve public order.
Each character in your warlord’s factions have special traits too which you can place in noble positions, kill off, or make  happy. set as generals or govenors and place special items. Generals can also gain special weapons or steed that are in the lore such as Red Hare ridden by Guan Yu. Only by placing or hring generals can you build units and gain retinues.

Dueling best way to get things done.

The battle enactments are also super exhilirating. You can choose to resolve it via AI or take it head on manually. These battles could be divided into 1on1 confrontations, ambushes or sieges which take advatage of the environment around you.
– The battle can be divided into Romance Mode in which you control the main warlords/generals individually or historical mode which the generals are in a reinue of guards.
Generals can interact with each other and roast each other. In Romance mode they can even engage in 1on1 battles and the fights are really cool.
– The Warlords and generals have their own unique units and general units in which you give orders to outmaneuver your foes with their own strengths & weaknesses.

Nice option you can choose the language the characters speak in Chinese or English. Great fo if you want to hear these generals roast each other in Chinese or just want to undertand they they are saying.

These are the main mechanics to explore and it is so exciting as you go through them and find out more. Even though it  takes time, going through it emmerses you into the history of the story and being so engrossed finding new things you won’t even notice as time flies.

The Graphics 100/100

The graphics are beautifully crafted for real time strategy game. It is a picturesuqe view of China and I personally feel this is amazing.

The main diplomacy map as you zoom in the natural terrain of mountains, rivers and overall land is out of a painting in which you see in Chinese art.  That really sticks you into the story.

The reforms tree, or tech tree is a literal peach blossom tree (say it again) whch grows flowers as you progress on it. That is a work of art as well.

The character portraits are beautiful too with attention to details even the generic generals have their own details too. The special characters  Guan Yu, Lu Bu or etc. even better. I do hope they get a unique portrait for the beauty Diaochan which is said to be super beautiful in the stories.

The unit confrontations up to scratch with other Total War games, you can literally see the guys flaying into each other or getting knocked down by horses. Though what is different is the arrows graphics are more prominant than on the other TW games.

What can I say I love the surrealism that it builds to get you into the story of Three Kingdoms and the realism it builds as you go about in the game. 

Who Says War is Only For Guys? Gals also Rule in China

You know she will kick your A%&

What I also felt was interesting that 1 of the warlords (Zheng Jiang) is a bandit gal. Her faction is a matriarchy (she might get marry a legendary general and make him her bi*%$). In truth there is very little (probably just one iota) about her in the actual history about this warlord but I am glad the devs put it in. It adds a cool dimension into the game.

Even though during the warring period all the guys were warring, but in Chinese history there there has been a few powerful woman rulers as well. Though they do not get much mention, I am sure girls are as good as war as well.

Who says war games are just for guys too? Girl gamers have proven they can be just as good. I personally would love to duke it out in multiplayer with a girl gamer.

The Three Kingdom’s Tweaks

There might still need a few tweaks in the subsequent patches ahead.
– They could work on better portraits on the main characters mentioned in the Three Kingdom lore some (ahem Diaochan) look generic.
– They got to add new characters e.g Zhugeliang was teased but not seen yet in the try-outs of the game. He is even in the preview and some characters in the story Guan Su (fictional 3rd son of Guan Yu) could continue the story too.
– Trying the sieges those towers are too powerful might need a little nerfing to balance the game.
– The factions are limited to China’s warlords, could there be more foreign influence from outside factions e.g India or Mongols which could is prevalent in TW games.

I will probably add more as the games goes one.

Difference Between other Total War Games

Even if you haven’t played a Total War game you can really be emersed into the game itself. The overall art of the maps and characters sets it apart from other Total War games which makes it feel fresh. The interactions with the warlords and generals is more interactive compared to other TW games and it always fun to hear them roast each other on the battlefield. The diplomatic side also has a stronger influence than in the other TW games as uniting the states also needs skills just going conquering and characters need appeasement as well.

My Final Opinion 85/100

I am really hyped for the game the overall game mechanics makes the whole idea exciting and ingenuitive. I liked the reading about The Romance of the Three Kingdoms but the Dynasty Warriors games never felt strategic enough and hack’n slash, leveling games just do not do the warring eras justice. This Total War game could be that catalyst what most people like about the Romance of the Three Kingdoms be about: the story, the intrigue, the excitement, the interactions with other characters.

I really really recommend it if you love the lore and just want cool story that is in the Total War series.

In Summary…

Total War: Three Kingdoms

Developers: Creative Assembly
Price: US$ 55 ~ US$ 70
Overall Rank: 85 out of 100

VERDICT: Got get It! Highly recommended

Just Another Game of Throne Review: Season 8 Episode 3 was Lit

Or Not! I have to say for this was one of the more epic episodes of Games of Thrones that I watched in a long time. Causing speculations upsetting the death odds and just whole build up was really exhilirating. Some complex storylines also drawing to an end. This is my look at season 8 episode 3 of Game of Thrones.

No Spoilers Until the Last Part…

Cinematogephy: 5/10
Storyline: 8/10
Hype: 8/10

Recommend for Watching: yes, 7/10 go on finish what you started.

The Good Parts

The story buildup was great, everyone knew someone was gonna die and everyone said their goodbyes, To create an atmosphere of fear, they sent the vicious Dothraki Riders in first. When that defeat was inevitable it struck fear into everyone.

The surprises, the small clues that we thought of who might die was well off, but the clues for who might kill the Night King was there especiallly all the grooming… you will have to watch to find out.

The atmosphere, though the lighting it was too, watchers literally needed a flashlight to watch the episode. The cold and death was well conveyed. Especially with the deaths of all sorts of warriors and innocent and the sheer numbers of the White Walkers. Simply Amazing!

The Bad Parts

It was literally unlit. The lighting was not really good, for all who wanted to know if the fates of some of their favorite characters it was so hard to tell. Any blacker you would think might be staring into the center of a black hole.

Recommended: switch off all the lights if you are watching Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3.

Dany’s weakness...They could use the dragons to more of an advantage but Danaerys just flies around and blows a few and stops. If I was her I would be having a 24hr barbeque. Then without her Dragons, Dany was next to useless (something tells me it wouldn’t be too hard kill her if you got skills like Arya wink, wink)

The war itself was stated to be the longest war on screen time. If felt like like it was getting slow, Lord of The Rings: Battle for Helms Deep was much better in execution as character and soldiers all contributed to the war scene. For Game of Thrones the switching from one character scene to another felt like too much juggling, where’s the individual struggle of Mister Winterfell Guard No.1987?

Tyrion, did not do much, for a smart-ass thinker, he sure does do a lot of nothing. Not even drinking, couldn’t do something heroic like muster up the woman or man-up a little.

The Weird…

I don’t care how much people argue about it going at the right time to save people while traversing the a whole area of Winterfell is still whack. Come on, you telling me scaling walls like spiderman, after being locked in room with a few thousand whitewalkers at your door and in ever nook and cranny to get to the right spot. Take out Black Widow, replace her with Arya and Infinity Wars wouldn’t have been too hard.

Main characters plot armour is THICC. All the GoT characters that could die, died and the mains that could die did not die. Somehow Whitewalkers wait for you to kill 1 or 2 before coming towards you in 1 or 2’s.


Who Died in This Episode of GoT…

You Won’t need to see her prissy lil face ever again. Until the reruns.

Lyanna Mormont – she put up a super eye-poking on the Giants that were attacking. Brave and sad for a little girl, but she will always be remembered by all of as Giant Killer & Whitewalker No. 102,987

Jorah Mormont – He died like he lived, giving it all for his love Dany. He put up a great fight for his Queen and it would of been a injustice if he became a Whitewalker too.

Beric Dondarrion – our fire sword handling warrior has finally finished all his lives. Beric, was always told he had to live for a reason and that was to keep The One alive. His permanent death was well done. At least they didn’t show him as a Whitewalker. or it would have been a blow to the face.

Theon Greyjoy – he went out… well? Nope. For a seasoned warrior, his fight with Night King took 5 seconds, he could of done a little more. At least he atoned and becomes a “good man”.

Melisandre – she came, she blessed, she died, before sunrise. She was important in driving Arya to the final showdown and she was there to see the Night King off. Melisandre did not do a lot, even her fire swords were puffed out in few secounds, but she did do the important things.

Dolorous Edd – the other Night’s Watch that fell. I thought he would be there always but alas his watch has ended.

Sadly, no Main main characters died accept the Night King. It would of added even more emotional weight to the big battle but I guess the producers are waiting to keep the best for last:

You can’t see it, but those are man tears, as his screen time is up.

Night King aka Whitewalker No.1 – he offed Theon quite well, but not so Arya. I wondered if his bodyguards could of done better or done some fighting but they just watched. Arya showed her left hand/right hand quite well it put me in expectation. With him gone the race of Whitewalkers is gone. Or are they? Ya, probably.

Wun-Wun’s Brother the Giant Whitewalker – I always liked to watch giants and wish they used them more when they were alive. Again even as a Whitewalker, they get stabbed in eyes and die.

What’s In Store for Westeros

Personally, I felt that the hit the suspense and story flow really well. Yes it did have some faults but overall it was really good and I recommend all not to miss this epic war.

The battle for Helm’s Deep is over, the war for Middle Earth has just begun… wait wrong script. You get it, with the almost GAME OVER written on this episode the other war is about to begin. Who is going to site on the Iron Throne and rule Westeros? Will George R.R Martin like the end? So where we go from here? Let’s all keep watching.