Review: The Most Competitive Freelance Website

The are quite a few freelancing websites out there that you can try. As a person working from home it is always best to try a pick 2 good freelancing websites to work with in order to get the best coverage and to make some good extra income. is also a freelancing website that has been around since 2009. They are coved in 273 countries and the top 3 jobs listed are: IT & Software, Design & Media, and Writing Content. So if you have skills that are centered on these qualifications this is a good freelancing website to try.

Is Good?

I have been reading fair bit of reviews lately that been indifferent lately to Either they are very bad reviews, though I suspect some are for marketing purposes or they are quite positive as people have made money out of them.

Though is good? It is still not bad.

As mentioned the has a good market reach and companies look for broad range of skills especially skills that allow you to work from home so it is great to use. Their use of escrow for payment and communication also makes it good for all freelancers to use to communicate with employers.

What might detract from is the high competition within the website for some of the jobs. The best way to conteract that is to gain reputation on the site by your qualifactions or get reviews.

Personal Review of

It is user friendly for both freelancers and employers that look to use the site. The communicaton tools used are also really nice, their app is able to time you and if you are communicating with another client it will change the time to on that specific client. I personally felt that was quite useful.

The payment security is worth noting as they work via escrow i.e money is only released after you have completed the project or a certain milestone.

Some clients were hard to get feedback from though that is more client side and it is best to check the clients use of the website from their profile before agreeing to take on the job.

What is Inside

The dashboard itself is neat and does not feel cluttered which is nice for freelancing website as some make it hard to organize your jobs.

The website also tracks your location and provides you with jobs that are at your vicinity if you need it. Then it also provides you will a general menu to pinpoint what skills are suitable for you.

Payments are done via Skrill or Paypal but there is Express Withdrawals and Wire Tranafer too (only available in selected countries though).

The free membership offer you just enough ffor you to use to establish yourself and build something out of their freelancing services with 15 bids per month. Which on average 1/5 of your bids are approved depending on competition this should be enough to find some clients for you to try and work with.

You can check it out from this link to get a feel of it. 

How Can You Make Work?

Here is some pointer on how to make work:

  • The best way is to try it out on free membership first when you sign-up and to get a good understanding of how many jobs are a match.
  • Try to find reliable clients with some street credit on the profile. Also best to work within the website until you build some trust with them.
  • Also find jobs that you can complete even if there rates are initially low so that you can build a reputation for yourself on the website as well.
  • Above all always communicate with the client and make sure of what they want sometimes it might change during a project and lack of communication should make you wary of the client.

After thinking it through why not try it out? Just follow this link here.

What is the Pitfalls of

This is where the harsh reviews come from. Sometimes it is best to remember tht the problem is not with the website but the client themselves and it is always good to use your own sense of judgement if you feel that something is fishy.

Best way to see if is good for you is to try it out before drawing your conclusion. I mentioned some bad reviews but with some scrutiny some of them were basically out to seel their own product so always be on the lookout for that.


Again try finding the 2 best freelancing websites that suits you and your skills and work with them to build up your reputation. With its regional coverage, dashboard capabilities and security functions, I think is a good freelancing website to try out and hopefully put some time into build your skills on.

Do you have any personal experieces you want to share about Please let me know your ideas on it.