Review – Online Exchange Exposed (read before using)

With the amount of money we have, we want to make more money. There are a lot of investment opportunities online which you do not need to go to the stock market  or Wall Street to trade. eToro seems to be one of the successful ones. Review

Name: eToro
Price: Free Sign-up
Scheme Type: Online Investment Scheme
Owners: Yoni Assia and Ronen Assia together with David Ring.
Overall Rank: 50 out of 100

eToro Overview

eToro, is a company that made a name for itself as a quick-tech online trading company. The aim is for you to see what the top investment traders are investing in and you can “copy-trade” them to make the most of your investments.

They have also recently developed an Android app that allows you to buy and sell even quicker through the power of mobile devices.

So What is So Good About eToro

In a nutshell it has been 1 of the more successful online investment trading companies. So it has a number of pro’s as you can see:

  • It is a legit company that aims to be transparent where you can even find their wiki page. Quite a few other investment company owners prefer to be anonymous.
  • It is free to sign-up they even encourage more trading by giving you $50 (imaginary dollars) to invest in.
  • Their offices in UK and Israel make their trading in EU free and fees for other members not in the EU very low costs.
  • eToro user platform is easy-to-use, they make it so that you can see all the trade prices and what the main trends are/
  • It is not useable by clients in USA as SEC rules do not give companies such as eToro any power to buy and sell in the US stock exchange.

So for the Cons…of eToro

For such a big company there has got to be some bad to it as well –

  • They are NOT a licensed stock trading company as far as I can see. They never presented much credentials regarding this. Not much people asked as they made money. Though it does sound a little shady at best.
  • They have a high financing rate (the money they give you is not enough to just invest – you need to add MORE money)
  • Their threshold is $100 BUT the withdraw fee is $25.
  • If you are inactive they charge you further $10 as a rule.
  • A lot of users have also complained about a lack of support from their side to handle few errors that might occur which means they have no live chat and no online support (well, might all be off for lunch)
  • Although they receive a wide coverage their overall finances seems to be clouded at best. They do not want their users to know how much they make from them. Guess is okay for a smaller company but not good for a big company.

Who might eToro Be For?

If you have extra spare change to spend and have a credit card and like to play around on the stock marke without getting to all the messy details of hiring a stock broker. This might be for you. There have been reports that people have made money on this and are happy with it.

eToro have any Tools or Training 

Yes, there is eToro Online Trading Academy that they show you the in’s and out’s of their platform and to make the best of it. They also have an in-depth stock market analytics that help you see stock prices and the current trends.

So Their is Support on eToro right?

Nope, nada, they have no online support or online for you to use. The best thing is if you encounter a problem you going to have to look for users who had the same thing and see how they overcame it.

eToro Prices

There is no price for you to sign up BUT there is a price of $25 if you want to withdraw money from them. If you do not use the system long enough, there is also a offline fee of $10  as well.

Would I recommend eToro?

If you have a little bit of money to spare and want to see money go up and down. Go for it.

Though, I DO NOT RECOMMEND eToro to the masses like you and I who are trying to find passive income and just can not look at money like a game. The problem is Crytocurrency is highly volatile and the lack of support makes it hard for you to just trust them with YOUR MONEY.

I look to Affiliate Marketing as my No.1 recommendation. Look here if you DARE.

eToro in Short…

Name: eToro
Price: Free Sign-up
Scheme Type: Online Investment Scheme
Owners: Yoni Assia and Ronen Assia together with David Ring.
Overall Rank: 50 out of 100

VERDICT: LEGIT, though not recommended for everyday man like you and I.

What is your experience with using eToro? I would like to know. Please leave a comment to discuss.

All About Bitcoin – What in the Blockchain is it All About?

So we hear about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies a lot in the media these days (or from your colleague probably named Dave who thinks he is a cryto-guru and sends you tons of info which you rather throw away). Or maybe you have seen the adverts online for Billionaire investments from kids who made their 1st billion from bitcoin which of which might be believable. Though what is the low-down on bitcoin? Is it a market craze should you follow it as some have FOMO (fear of losing out). Or is it a “bitcoin bubble” as Warren Buffet says which will eventually pop anyway. Should you invest? Read here to make an informed decision!

What is Bitcoin

It is a decentralized cryptocurrency that is currently being widely used almost everywhere in the world. Decentralized meaning it is not controlled by any bank or institution which generally controls money on the world. It touted as a P2P (payer to payer) payment system which allows you and me to pay for stuff without a middleman. These transactions are then recorded in visible ledger and encrypted records that are verified by network nodes in packages called a blockchain.

People are rewarded by receiving Bitcoins for creating records using computer processing power in a process called bitcoin mining. Miners have special programs and GPU/CPU installed in order to mine bitcoins or other cyrptocurrencies.

Bitcoin was created an anonymous developer/ developers in 2009 under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto (in which the smaller fraction of bitcoin is called the Satoshi or 1/100,000,000 or a bitcoin).

There has been lot of people who have high hopes for bitcoin but there has also been a lot of people who are skeptical about bitcoin due to its volatility.

To Hodl or not to Hodl That is the Question

A lot of attention has been drawn to bitcoin lately as it has almost increased by 1400x in price or 300% within a span of few years. Though now it is currently dropping form it’s high of US$ 10,000 to current price of US$ 8,400/ per bitcoin. Again, this shows just how volatile bitcoin can be and a huge question: to Hodl or not to Hodl?

Hodl being a brand new word internet users made up if they wanted to “hold” onto their bitcoins or to sell it. Seems they were typing so fast that like Trump forget the spell-checker hence the word “hodl”.

To people are looking to buy or sell, it seems that blockchain technology still holds a lot of potential. Due to its secure system and ability to package quite an amount of information some have already looked its potential of blockchain for other technology. Some companies instead of selling stocks sell coins as part of their company which is called ICO (initial coin offering) which is sort of like a cryptocurrency. So bitcoin and its technology is still being explored even as we speak especially on how to make it useful for all. So it is a good idea to invest in.

On the other hand staunch opposers 1 famous dude named Warren Buffet for example feels it is an imaginary currency something that can not be held and could magically disappear. And governments have started cracking down on bitcoin especially as a lot of fraud and hackers use bitcoin to in order to convert money. This is also 1 reason why the price of bitcoin is currently tanking. Though some argue that similar to money or real estate leases, people only see it as valuable as is its value written on paper. No different to computerized records.

Currently cryptocurrencies are so easy to make that there is some many stupid ones as it literally takes minutes that some have come up with something called “Jesus Coin”. Seriously no joke. No wonder people are worried,

Hodl verdict: Hodl, but just enough. Never invest all of your money in it.

Being a FOMO

Some might have a fear of missing out (FOMO). Personally never let FOMO be the reason that you want to invest in bitcoin. As FOMO promotes fear and fear triggers you to make hasty decisions and you will do something you regret, especially due to bitcoin madness a lot of money-making schemes are based on bitcoin.

Some schemes guarantee you returns of 300% within 1 month. And some use ICO for people to throw money in their ideas. Some use programs that secretly hack into your bitcoin wallet to take a little of your bitcoin you bought or mined for their use.

Never invest in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies due to FOMO! Always throw caution to the wind.

Here is some potential currencies I like think are potentials. 

Word of Caution on Bitcoin and Crytocurrencies

The best thing to do is do some research on the cryptocurrency you want to invest in. Put a part of your investment within the crytocurrency you are most comfortable with (even if it is bitcoin) and leaving it. Never lose sleep due to the price of bitcoin. Because it is so volatile, if you kept on looking at the price of bitcoin it will definitely make you lose some part of your sanity.

Crytocurrencies and blockchain technology is great to put something in if you are a believer in future technology though it should always be something you will be comfortable with and not because someone pushed you to it. Always work your way around cryptocurrencies carefully.

Actually John Oliver makes a good intro on cryptocurrency you should take a look at:


As our world gets more and more computerized some cool and strange ideas will come up and it is completely up to you if you trust that technology or you prefer the tried and tested.

Bitcoin is not for everyone even though bitcoin and its fellow cryptocurrencies have potential they will always be computerized records. Again like money it is the value you see it holds.

So what do you think of the Bitcoin trend? Do you prefer to Hodl? Any cool ICO that you know are trending? I would love to know. Please leave a note to share.

Here is some places I go buy bitcoin and crytocurrencies from. 

To Make Money I opted to make online business using this No.1 Source.


6 Bitcoin Alternatives Everyone Can Try

It’s okay, we all have a fear of losing out.

Do you have the FOMO? Cryptocurrencies has become a huge trend lately that it has been on everyone’s to do list. Though with the many doom-n-gloom sayers and it’s relative volatility investing in Bitcoin has been a topic most are ambiguous about. Though apart from Bitcoin there are also lesser known cryptocurrencies that are also doing quite well and great for anyone to try out. Here are some alternative cyrtocurrencies to try out, if you are thinking for a good Bitcoin alternative.

LiteCoin (LTE)

This alternative is almost the replica to Bitcoin in terms of coding and how it is mined. Though it is different to bitcoin as:

  • The Litecoin Network aims to process a block every 2.5 minutes, rather than Bitcoin’s 10 minutes. The developers claim that this allows Litecoin to have faster transaction confirmation.
  • Litecoin uses script in its proof-of-work algorithm, a sequential memory-hard function requiring asymptotically more memory than an algorithm which is not memory-hard. So technically needs less computing power to mine than Bitcoin.

The price of Litecoin is hovering at US$ 159.98 as is a lot more stable than Bitcoin as generally most attention is given to other coins.

A good place to buy Litecoin is from Coinbase and Shapeshift (which deal in smaller amounts), they also trade a few other well-known cryptocurrencies which makes it easy to exchange.

Dogecoin (DOGE)

This coin started as an internet meme during its early days though generally quiet it has started to be noticed by Bitcoin afficiandos everywhere as well. This coin is generally used as a tipping coin if you are using the web. Besides, it has a cute Shiba Inu that people all like. Most people who have bitcoin from earlier days still keep some Dogecoin around as the price is relatively steady and a few website services also use Dogecoin.

The sheer amount of these coins circulating means that the price is not affected by inlfation as other coins and also especially so as the founder removed the limit for Dogecoin.

The price of Dogecoin is currently US$ 0.003443 to 1 Dogecoin. The best place to buy and see Dogecoin is

Monero (XMR)

The cryptocurrency that focuses on decentralization and privacy that most people crave in cryptocurrency. It is a growing coin that bitcoin users turn to as all the restriction attention is turned to Bitcoin. It has improved on Bitcoin through:

  • The trading of coins is purely private the sender and receiver of Monero is supposed to be untraceable.
  • The mining of Monero is made to be divided equally by its miners making it more rewardable to mine.
  • The price of Monero is consistent even when it was going hard for Bitcoin.

The problem with Monero is due to its private nature hackers make use of it as their go-to currency as well. Though, this has not stopped people from taking interest in the coin.

The current price of Monero is US$ 209 to 1 Monero. I usually use for trading in Monero for Cash.

Ethereum (ETH)

This cryptocurrency has also been growing in leaps and bounds as another go-to currency if Bitcoin is not your cup of tea. It is mined differently from Bitcoin and is more secure in terms of transactions this crytocoin is what governments and stock exchange companies look to as the answer for an agreeable crytocurrency. This currency rose by approx. 1500% within 5 years of its introduction.

The price of Ethereum is currently around US$ 600 to 1 Ether. You can buy and trade Ethereum at and at most trade sites as it is a widely liked alternative to Bitcoin.

Ripple (XRP)

Ripple is a cryptocurrency that uses something called a RTGS (real-time gross settlement) system that was established by the Ripple Company.

  • Basically means that it is based on a real-time database or ledger that keeps track of transactions which means it can be used as real-time currency.
  • Because of its nature, a lot of banks and investment companies prefer to use Ripple as the go-to cryptocurrency. It is also a great cryptocurrency if you are looking for something more secure than Bitcoin.

The current market price for Ripple is US$ 0.66 to 1 Ripple. You can trade and buy Ripple from and Kraken as well.

Honorable Mention: Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

This coin has gained some traction as the “other” Bitcoin as it was created from the change in mining that halved the way Bitcoin was originally mined. The original programmers have had argument on how Bitcoin was supposed to be mined and divided therefore giving rise to Bitcoin Cash. The prices initially soared but have mellowed down as most people still preferred Bitcoin.

The price of Bitcoin Cash is currently hovering at US$ 978 to 1 BCH. It can be traded in various places that trade Bitcoin as well such as, Coinbase, Shapeshift and etc.

Choose Alternative Crytocurrency Wisely

Crytocurrency still has its potential as a worldwide currency that everyone can use and most shops and stores have tried to adopt them in their payment system, but it also has its own dangers as well due to its volatility and risk tp been stolen by hackers. The technology called blockchain still has not reached its full potential.

If you are planning on investing in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies always make sure you are ready to part with your initial income as these currencies are still more volatile than other forms of investment. Also, various currencies also have different characteristics so always do a little bit of research into the cryptocoin before planning on buying or mining it. And if you are a bit FOMO (fear of losing out), you should keep 1~2 coins in storage just for keepsake or memento.

Though if you get it right even though the risk is great but the rewards for getting it right are worth it.
Any good news on Bitcoin or the above crytocurrencies? Please leave a comment to share.





6 Best Places to Get Bitcoin

Bitcoin the latest craze that is hitting the world today and the craze seems to be growing despite skepticism due to its volatility. This has not stopped the bitcoin craze or rather the crytocurrency craze that is taking the world by storm.

Though due to it’s nature and being anonymous most of the time, there is always going to be people taking advantage of that. Therefore you and I really need a safe place where we can trade our bitcoins (or other cryptocurrencies). Depending on which country you are from some work very well and others do not.

I have handled bitcoin for few years tried out some and some did not work to well. I have also been looking into mining alternative bitcoins (which I will write about sometime later). Here are some places to buy and sell bitcoin which have been around for some time and have proven to be quite reliable during the years.

I have used for few years and have found it really reliable. It has a 3 phase password which uses your password, confirmation from your computer and code which they send to your mobile. So I have not encountered any problems with, it allows your to buy bitcoins on credit card but it also has some of the more latest cryptocurrency coins as well such as Litecoin, Ethereum, and Monero (they are still expanding their portfolio!).

Their fees arenot too bad, I think their deposit fees are still US$ 0 and their withdrawal fees are US$ 3.80. Their prices are in real time and are relatively close to the price that are on the current cryptocurrency capatalization.

You can apply with them over here to try them out.


Localbitcoins is highly recommended by me as this site allows you to buy/sell bitcoins with individuals like you and me. The prices sometimes differ from the market though if you want to do it face/face, via paypal or directly to your bank account Localbitcoins is the way to go.

They have a 3 phase password which includes a Captcha and written codes they send to you which you need to print out. They also have work via escrow system which withholds bitcoin or money until you can confirm the transaction is completed, but make sure that that their side is completed before finalizing and not to just listen to directions. Their surport is also really good and get back to you within 30mins or less.

I highly recommend Localbitcoins which you should try out here.


Kraken is also rated as one of the best crytocurrency exchanger out there due to hit’s vast menu of cyrtocurrencies to buy/sell, including bitcoin, and used frequently in the Europe. Though the interface is not as friendly and 2-phase login still okay, Kraken is still a good bitcoin exchange service.

You can try out Kraken if you want over here.


Poloniex is one of the biggest cryotocurrency sites out there and is reported to be really safe by traders whom I have encountered. Though the issues regarding slow processing and support does worry me a bit it is still useful.

Still worth a try.


Coinbase is a good market trader for cyrptocurrencies and is used widely. Though it does not support a lot of countries and their menu of alternative currencies is limited, they have good support.  They give timely feedback on your trade and on how to fix problems.

Why not try Coinbase here.

I have used Shapesift a few times for quick currency swaps. This is a really useful to have if you want to change your bitcoins quickly for other alternative cryptocurrencies. Though they do have a trade limit on how much coins you can trade and is best used for small amounts though if you are looking for quick exchange it is great to have.


There are many places that are selling and buying bitcoins out there but most are not as trustworthy as these. Before using such as service it is always best to check:

  • How long they have been established for.
  • Some reviews external reviews of the trade site.
  • Before a transaction make sure you are absolutely certain and complete it ASAP as bitcoin prices are volative.
  • You can also find great resources in the bitcoin forum bitcointalk or the reddit page on bitcoin.

Do you guys know of many more places to buy and sell bitcoins? Please let me know.