BTCClicks Scam? Money Making Way or Time Wasting Ticker? Review at a Glance

Name: BTCClicks
Price: Sign-up Free, though if you want premium mBTC 1.485 (US$ 7.8)
Owners: UNKNOWN (A bit fishy here)
Overall Rank: 45 out of 100 (ALERT)

So What is BTCClicks All About

Basically BTCClicks is a platform that you can earn bitcoin by viewing ads and getting paid for 10~30 second ads for (0.00006mBTC ~0.00009mBTC per ad). It sounds easy right? Though it has limitations, it only gives you 11ads and the threshhold is bit high. Though it is fast and you can do it within 10mins during the day. Though there are warning signs!!!

BTCClicks, What makes it Good?

Takes a short time in the day to do to earn Bitcoins. In a a span of 10~30 seconds you get to watch ads that they provide from their ad buyers then they send you mBTC. It is not really hard and and you can browse through 11 of the advertisements easily in 10min. So it sounds easy enough.

They have referral program that gives you approx. 50% of what the referral makes which is pretty generous for refferal program. That means you earn from them as well.
– If you do not have refferals they also have a function for you to rent refferals for a certain time.

It is fairly easy to sign up. All you need is All you need is a bitcoin wallet (which everyone has or you can open on or Localbitcoin are the one’s I found very reliable), email address and verification. There, you are done. That takes about 5minutes all together.

This is Where Good Parts End

There has been complaints of the payout system being faulty recently. There have been some who received their bitcoin payments but few more others that have found that some payments have been lagging or non-existant at all. Everyone wants to get pain it is hard if there is only 60% let alone 90% of that happening (as it means always a chance you will not get paid) – not good if you are looking to be a legit advertiser.

The background of the company is not really clear and they do not put much effort to hide it (I found scams that do more than them). Looking around in various sites and site sellers, I found out that BTCClicks has been sold around recently so probably they want to make sure everything works out before divulging anything. OR it may be that they are not too sure that they are too legit as well.

It has a high payout threshhold, which is around about 0.1000 mBTC which is around US$ 15 in order to withdraw, while ads are about 0.00007 mBTC/- per ad. This works out to clicking up to  14,285.71 in order to withdraw. Even free bitcoin faucets have a better rate or return that this. This is not really good at all might as well wait few million years if you have no refferals.

There is no support forum for you to use. The really only alternative is Bitcointalk which gives some really good insight into what you are getting into. Apart from that there is nothing inside their website to help others around.

BTCClicks really something you can get into?

If you are looking to get into bitcoin feel you have a little time to spend. You could play around with it, but  there is a high indication they are not doing as well (if it is not a scam) and in order to get your first payment you have to hope your referrals click around 14,000 odd times to get your first payment. It is just not sustainable and people generally just give up within 3~6 months of using it.

Does BTCCLicks provide any support?

Nope, nothing, nadda, really no. They do not even have a walkthrough on their own site. If you are looking for help as I mentioned you can look at other reveiw sites or go to Bitcointalk for any good or bad news on this. A lack of support does mean that the site itself does not really care.

IS there Costs to Sign up to BTCClicks

As mentioned the initial sign-up and starting to click through ads are free and easy to get into. If you apply for a bitcoin wallet and sign-up it only takes around 5 to 10 minutes to get through the whole process. BUT…
– They are trying to encourage more refferals to their cause and have offered Premium for approx. US$ 7/- per month. There you can rent refferals, get a better referral programs.

My Final Opinion of BTCClicks…

Bitcoin is falling on definitely falling on hard times and it shows in all the bitcoin things you can do and it becomes hard to be generous after all the hype. That is the same of BTCClicks. They have been fairly reliable when Bitcoin was at its best but have also fallen on hard times (evidenty in their lack of payments). Though their lack of clarity and support rings SCAM and that is not a good business model to follow. I see they tried but definitely not recommend for anyone who wants to make money online.

If you want to look into it I felt that Affiliate Marketing was a really good way to make a business on line at home. You can check it out. 

So in Summary about

Price: Sign-up Free, though if you want premium mBTC 1.485 (US$ 7.8)
Overall Scam Rank: 45 out of 100

VERDICT: NOT LEGIT! Scam Alert, be cautious when committing to this.

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4 thoughts on “BTCClicks Scam? Money Making Way or Time Wasting Ticker?”

    1. There seems to be problems with BTCClicks within the last 2 months, looking at:
      1) Age of the website – which 2200 odd days.
      2) Recent problems with other accounts which I look Foxyratings has.
      3) The recent volatility of bitcoin prices.
      BTCClicks does not seem to be looking too healthy.

      I recommend you try some more stable ones such as Swagbucks , then also try some other new ones (getting on the hype train) then look at BTCCLicks again later to see if things change.

      Inside info: Bitcoin has been rallying again after sharp fall.

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