Avengers: Endgame Review by Average Joe (Is it the End? Guess Not)

So finally watched Avengers: Endgame. I have to hand it to the creators and writers at Marvel to round off a great round of story telling for the Marvel Universe.

Almost everyone has watched it but what to look out for in Avengers: Endgame? Read here to find out more.

Cinematography: 9/10 (Got some great scenes in there)
Storyline : 7/10 (Sorry gets a bit tricky but it rolls out)
The Hype: 8.5/10 (Everyone been in the Marvel World is Hyped, Super hyped)

Overall Score from my books 8/10.

The Storyline So Far…

The time runs straight from after Thanos (Josh Brolin) does the deed decimating the Marvel community by what he said he would do: destroying half of the entire population in the entire universe. The Avengers find him and kill him, the only problem is he has destroyed the Infinity gauntlet and all hope seems lost. Five years later the rest of the Avengers: Captain America, Ironman, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Thor and others reeling from the loss. Each have their own terms to coping with the loss and just as it seems all  hope is lost, Antman (Paul Rudd) comes back from the quantum realm…

So the hype is there and everybody is eager to see how Marvel keep up with their promise of a happy ending.

Just so you know, Spoilers Ahead. I will leave a advert just to distract you (just in case you have not see it – I highly doubt it).

Cinematography (So good it scenes real)

It is insane, it was hard to figure out how they were going to put everything together and not disappoint us, but they did it.

I always wondered how they going to get another good Thanos fight and with bit of time jiggling they did it. The fight scenes were far out there, with Cap vs Cap, Hawkeye vs Black Widow, or everyone else vs Thanos it was well choreographed. I feel fight scenes always keep the suspense going like will the good guys win or go to pound town and the fights did not disappoint.


The visual scenes were also out of this world… excuse the pun… if it be the scene where Thanos finnally rests his laurels or revisiting some of the iconic scenes of Asgard and Wakanda they were a sight to behold. Just what the audience and Marvel fans would expect. Definitely worth a watch again.

I really can not emphasize it more the cinematography was great. They really made superhero movie with a bit of arty touch to it. 

The storyline not the very best…

The Storyline (It gets a bit tricky but Watchable)

It was a good move to not just pick up from where they ended but instead to fast-track it to five years later to really make the stories very emotional and add depth to the destruction that Thanos had wrought on Marvel. It would say a stroke of genius.

The emotional scenes had depth, depth as in the loss of friends and family, depth to what as at stake, and the loss and losses the Avengers had to overcome. No, do not mean Hawkeye going emo… just no…

Just no… Hawkeye no…

Though I did mean Ironman losing Spidey (though kind of sure he was coming back with Spiderman: Far From Home), or Back Widows sacrifice to gain the Soul Stone.

Then the suspense story as the Thanos from eh… 5 years…6 years ago (?) found out about the plan. I wondered if he was going to whack them all again. It got exciting.

The confusing storylines. The old time-travel method to fix everything was always going to be hard on the writers to handle as:

a) It i has been done so many times. It is a cliche by now.
b) Tying all the stories together without any loose threads or confusion is too hard.

The time-travel thing was always going to get itself tied in a knot at the start… How did Hawkeye keep his wife’s mobile subscription for five years? There is old cap so… the other cap who met Peggy was already with Cap wby didn’t she say anything?  So did Avengers: Infinity Stone ever happen???

I hate time paradoxes it burns the soul…

Then the plot devices: seriously putting Captain Marvel out for most of the story just blew all the hype for her part in Avengers: Endgame that was built for her in Captain Marvel. I do find honest trailers take on this rather funny.

The Hype (Avengers Assemble!!!!)

I really do thing the writers and Russo brothers did well with what they could had. They were never going to just going to put a new peak in the story (they sorta did in box office), but just keep us all entertained…

I built a good story and put the feels on the line (even though it would all be good for Marvel Phase 4), made watchers want to watch more and finish stories from Avengers: Infinity Stone. I personally liked Avengers: Infinity Stone as it felt more was on the line and no one was sure who would survive.

Kudos for that.

The story was like a plane that flew too high and the pilots steered it well.

So… Who really Survived Thanos in Avengers: Endgame

They finished it and it was full sail to Marvel’s phase 4 for the Universe it built. Though who really did survive?

  • Spiderman: we knew he would survive after seeing Far from Home but after the threats of Sony taking the rights away from Disney it doesn’t seem he survived at all
  • Ironman: Tony Stark seems to have put it rest but in truth he will still come back in flashbacks or when the money tells him to… (that’s Robert Downey Jr. for you).
  • Thor: He will be back for Thor: Love & Thunder but making room for a female Thor, or not. I guess, why not?
  • Thors physique, will he keep on being fat Thor? Breaking new expectations of what a Superhero should look like. Like Plus Sized models.
  • Antman might not have survived as they are not planning on carrying on with Antman 3.
  • Captain America is dead, Falcon getting the shield made sure of that…
  • Seems we will never see Vision or Hawkeye ever again if ever…
The What If’s are getting smaller for Marvel Phase 4

He at least have a confirmation that Phase 4 of Marvel’s plan will include: Black Widow, The Eternals, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Thor: Love & Thunder, Black Panther 2, Blade, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 (almost died with James Gunn but came back), Captain Marvel 2, and some previous flops Mutants and Fantastic Four (hopefully they can give them rebirth with Marvel Magic)

Then with the additional casts of Keeanu Reeves (who just did John Wick: Parabellum) and Angelina Jolie it is going to be good…

Overall 8/10, verdict:  Are We Entertained? Yes but will it carry on? Not sure, as Marvel travels to new heights in Billions just how much fans will keep with the universe still hard to see as cracks start appearing in Avengers: Endgame.

What’s your thoughts on the movie? Leave a comment to let me know how your feel. In the meantime, come check back here from time to time I will try post more news on the comments section for Marvel Phase 4. 

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