6 Best Places to Get Bitcoin

Bitcoin the latest craze that is hitting the world today and the craze seems to be growing despite skepticism due to its volatility. This has not stopped the bitcoin craze or rather the crytocurrency craze that is taking the world by storm.

Though due to it’s nature and being anonymous most of the time, there is always going to be people taking advantage of that. Therefore you and I really need a safe place where we can trade our bitcoins (or other cryptocurrencies). Depending on which country you are from some work very well and others do not.

I have handled bitcoin for few years tried out some and some did not work to well. I have also been looking into mining alternative bitcoins (which I will write about sometime later). Here are some places to buy and sell bitcoin which have been around for some time and have proven to be quite reliable during the years.


I have used CEX.io for few years and have found it really reliable. It has a 3 phase password which uses your password, confirmation from your computer and code which they send to your mobile. So I have not encountered any problems with CEX.io, it allows your to buy bitcoins on credit card but it also has some of the more latest cryptocurrency coins as well such as Litecoin, Ethereum, and Monero (they are still expanding their portfolio!).

Their fees arenot too bad, I think their deposit fees are still US$ 0 and their withdrawal fees are US$ 3.80. Their prices are in real time and are relatively close to the price that are on the current cryptocurrency capatalization.

You can apply with them over here to try them out.


Localbitcoins is highly recommended by me as this site allows you to buy/sell bitcoins with individuals like you and me. The prices sometimes differ from the market though if you want to do it face/face, via paypal or directly to your bank account Localbitcoins is the way to go.

They have a 3 phase password which includes a Captcha and written codes they send to you which you need to print out. They also have work via escrow system which withholds bitcoin or money until you can confirm the transaction is completed, but make sure that that their side is completed before finalizing and not to just listen to directions. Their surport is also really good and get back to you within 30mins or less.

I highly recommend Localbitcoins which you should try out here.


Kraken is also rated as one of the best crytocurrency exchanger out there due to hit’s vast menu of cyrtocurrencies to buy/sell, including bitcoin, and used frequently in the Europe. Though the interface is not as friendly and 2-phase login still okay, Kraken is still a good bitcoin exchange service.

You can try out Kraken if you want over here.


Poloniex is one of the biggest cryotocurrency sites out there and is reported to be really safe by traders whom I have encountered. Though the issues regarding slow processing and support does worry me a bit it is still useful.

Still worth a try.


Coinbase is a good market trader for cyrptocurrencies and is used widely. Though it does not support a lot of countries and their menu of alternative currencies is limited, they have good support.  They give timely feedback on your trade and on how to fix problems.

Why not try Coinbase here.


I have used Shapesift a few times for quick currency swaps. This is a really useful to have if you want to change your bitcoins quickly for other alternative cryptocurrencies. Though they do have a trade limit on how much coins you can trade and is best used for small amounts though if you are looking for quick exchange it is great to have.


There are many places that are selling and buying bitcoins out there but most are not as trustworthy as these. Before using such as service it is always best to check:

  • How long they have been established for.
  • Some reviews external reviews of the trade site.
  • Before a transaction make sure you are absolutely certain and complete it ASAP as bitcoin prices are volative.
  • You can also find great resources in the bitcoin forum bitcointalk or the reddit page on bitcoin.

Do you guys know of many more places to buy and sell bitcoins? Please let me know.

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