Just Another Game of Throne Review: Season 8 Episode 3 was Lit

Or Not! I have to say for this was one of the more epic episodes of Games of Thrones that I watched in a long time. Causing speculations upsetting the death odds and just whole build up was really exhilirating. Some complex storylines also drawing to an end. This is my look at season 8 episode 3 of Game of Thrones.

No Spoilers Until the Last Part…

Cinematogephy: 5/10
Storyline: 8/10
Hype: 8/10

Recommend for Watching: yes, 7/10 go on finish what you started.

The Good Parts

The story buildup was great, everyone knew someone was gonna die and everyone said their goodbyes, To create an atmosphere of fear, they sent the vicious Dothraki Riders in first. When that defeat was inevitable it struck fear into everyone.

The surprises, the small clues that we thought of who might die was well off, but the clues for who might kill the Night King was there especiallly all the grooming… you will have to watch to find out.

The atmosphere, though the lighting it was too, watchers literally needed a flashlight to watch the episode. The cold and death was well conveyed. Especially with the deaths of all sorts of warriors and innocent and the sheer numbers of the White Walkers. Simply Amazing!

The Bad Parts

It was literally unlit. The lighting was not really good, for all who wanted to know if the fates of some of their favorite characters it was so hard to tell. Any blacker you would think might be staring into the center of a black hole.

Recommended: switch off all the lights if you are watching Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3.

Dany’s weakness...They could use the dragons to more of an advantage but Danaerys just flies around and blows a few and stops. If I was her I would be having a 24hr barbeque. Then without her Dragons, Dany was next to useless (something tells me it wouldn’t be too hard kill her if you got skills like Arya wink, wink)

The war itself was stated to be the longest war on screen time. If felt like like it was getting slow, Lord of The Rings: Battle for Helms Deep was much better in execution as character and soldiers all contributed to the war scene. For Game of Thrones the switching from one character scene to another felt like too much juggling, where’s the individual struggle of Mister Winterfell Guard No.1987?

Tyrion, did not do much, for a smart-ass thinker, he sure does do a lot of nothing. Not even drinking, couldn’t do something heroic like muster up the woman or man-up a little.

The Weird…

I don’t care how much people argue about it going at the right time to save people while traversing the a whole area of Winterfell is still whack. Come on, you telling me scaling walls like spiderman, after being locked in room with a few thousand whitewalkers at your door and in ever nook and cranny to get to the right spot. Take out Black Widow, replace her with Arya and Infinity Wars wouldn’t have been too hard.

Main characters plot armour is THICC. All the GoT characters that could die, died and the mains that could die did not die. Somehow Whitewalkers wait for you to kill 1 or 2 before coming towards you in 1 or 2’s.


Who Died in This Episode of GoT…

You Won’t need to see her prissy lil face ever again. Until the reruns.

Lyanna Mormont – she put up a super eye-poking on the Giants that were attacking. Brave and sad for a little girl, but she will always be remembered by all of as Giant Killer & Whitewalker No. 102,987

Jorah Mormont – He died like he lived, giving it all for his love Dany. He put up a great fight for his Queen and it would of been a injustice if he became a Whitewalker too.

Beric Dondarrion – our fire sword handling warrior has finally finished all his lives. Beric, was always told he had to live for a reason and that was to keep The One alive. His permanent death was well done. At least they didn’t show him as a Whitewalker. or it would have been a blow to the face.

Theon Greyjoy – he went out… well? Nope. For a seasoned warrior, his fight with Night King took 5 seconds, he could of done a little more. At least he atoned and becomes a “good man”.

Melisandre – she came, she blessed, she died, before sunrise. She was important in driving Arya to the final showdown and she was there to see the Night King off. Melisandre did not do a lot, even her fire swords were puffed out in few secounds, but she did do the important things.

Dolorous Edd – the other Night’s Watch that fell. I thought he would be there always but alas his watch has ended.

Sadly, no Main main characters died accept the Night King. It would of added even more emotional weight to the big battle but I guess the producers are waiting to keep the best for last:

You can’t see it, but those are man tears, as his screen time is up.

Night King aka Whitewalker No.1 – he offed Theon quite well, but not so Arya. I wondered if his bodyguards could of done better or done some fighting but they just watched. Arya showed her left hand/right hand quite well it put me in expectation. With him gone the race of Whitewalkers is gone. Or are they? Ya, probably.

Wun-Wun’s Brother the Giant Whitewalker – I always liked to watch giants and wish they used them more when they were alive. Again even as a Whitewalker, they get stabbed in eyes and die.

What’s In Store for Westeros

Personally, I felt that the hit the suspense and story flow really well. Yes it did have some faults but overall it was really good and I recommend all not to miss this epic war.

The battle for Helm’s Deep is over, the war for Middle Earth has just begun… wait wrong script. You get it, with the almost GAME OVER written on this episode the other war is about to begin. Who is going to site on the Iron Throne and rule Westeros? Will George R.R Martin like the end? So where we go from here? Let’s all keep watching.

The Parallel Profits Review: Scam or Not!?

YOUR GUIDE to Parallel Profits…

Name: Parallel Profits
Website: www.parallelprofits.com
Price: US$ 2,497
Owners: Aiden Booth & Steve Clayton
Overall Rank: 70 out of 100

What is Parallel Profits?

They can REALLY help you… If you pay them.

Parallel Profits is a course and a “summer camp” for people who want to start an e-commerce business in which the master entrepreneurs Aiden Booth and Steve Clayton will provide you with support in order to achieve YOUR 7 figure profit. They help you through various training in affiliate marketing and e-commerce to get the desired result and that in turn makes you into a “millionaire”.

Is Parallel Profits ALL That…

The owners Aiden Booth & Steve Clayton, have quite a reputation in the online industry.
– Aiden Booth, owner of the book, he has a achieved a lot in the industry getting US$360,000 annual profit and he is not afraid to tell you. It is on his blog and everywhere else on the internet.
– Steve Clayton, the other owner of Parallel Profit, it is mentioned he was a CFO of fortune 500 company and my research shows it is most probably Fujitsu UK. Though he never mentions it outright and and it technically suppose to believe it by word on their website.

They have helped others before and have had few successes to prove it. They provide those they work with with a head start in order to achieve profits.

During their course they provide you with support. That support entails, business contacts to get you integrated, seminars to get you prepped up, storage facilities to store your products, professionals in SEO to develop your online business and traffic to your business. Really hand’s on approach to developing a business. I actually approve of.

Parallel Profit is not All it Looks to Be…

The owners have done it in the past a business making company that builds your business, builds you up, and then let’s you go. Is it the best model for an online business if it is all set up for you? Feels too good to be true. All the good reports with NO bad reports makes me skeptical as nothing really is perfect in the business world. Ask Warren Buffet…

The pricing is high and you probably have to have some money backing you up before you can make money. If you are short on that cash, you better be getting some small time cash doing microjobs and surveys before taking this.

The training is not all it appears to be some business people on the seminars still feel that they need more. Motivation? Money? Tools?

It seems there only certain number of people they will take. It sounds very elitist, but actually feel it is a ploy to get you to sign-up and they can make money on other future plans. They are a money making business themselves you know.

Who Would Look Forward to This Business?

Parallel Profits would be for the normal person who has a few thousand dollars to blow and looking to build an e-commerce empire. The business model is legit and it seems that people who put effort and time into it have built some business in affiliate marketing and FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon). Only try if you have money to blow. Seriously even if they say they are closed send them contact they will find you if there is new plan.

What tools and Support Does Parallel Profits Have?

Parallel Profits whole range of tools and support for you to use:

  • 5 videos in order to get you though the online business.
  • 13 modules in order to plan your business and prepare for long term growth,
  • The owners themselves coach you through how to run the franchise with seminars and meet-ups
  • They have cool SEO tools that they developed in order for you to get your business online
  • They provide you with SEO professionals to get you started.
  • They provide the necessary warehousing and contacts to lift you up.

SO, The Price… of Parallel Profits

It is pricey, around US$ 2,495 for the whole course but you can pay them in 3 installments for US$ 997. It compasses a lot though, I do hope they provide meals too.

My Verdict of Parallel Profits

It is not a scam and looks like it has a leget business model. Just too bad it really costs a lot of someone who looking to make a living and is already strapped on cash. They can really get you with perseverance and training they can get you to to make a running and sustainable business.

BUT… it is not my cup of tea. Not just because of the price but it is just giving tips to make money to people who already have money. I feel that training and tools should be there and you shouldn’t always cost an arm and a leg to make money

You can check my No.1 recommendation.

If you missed it because it is CLOSED, don’t worry, ol’ Aiden & Steve will bring another business plan after this one…

In Summary…

Name: Parallel Profits

Website: www.parallelprofits.com
Price: US$ 2,497
Owners: Aiden Booth & Steve Clayton
Overall Rank: 70 out of 100

VERDICT: LEGIT, just make sure you have enough cash.

Neobux: Microjobs, Surveys & More…Or is it a Scam


Name: Neobux UK
Website: www.neobux.com
Price: Free to Sign up Though has 24hr clearance period, Premium ranges from US$ 240~840/-per year
Owners: NeoDev LDA
Overall Rank: 70 out of 100

Is Neobux what It Appears?

Neobux, is a company that got an idea to help people gain a little small change by viewing advertisements, doing online surveys, and also working with another company provide ways to do microjobs. So it seems to be Picoworkers, Swagbucks PTC all added into one.

Does it sound too good to be true? Maybe.

Is it worth checking out, actually yes, as I will explain later on…

What Functions Does Neobux Have?

It is has quite a few functions all added into 1, so basically Neobux’s strategy is to make something as a 1 stop place for microjobs, pay-to-click, watch advertisements, do surveys in 1 website. well the Neobux strategy seems to be working as it has some good reviews.

The are relatively secure as they their website is non-transferable and is stated to go on until 2028, which is actually quality assurance at its best as you know they here for the long run. Apart from that they have security on users too strict rules and waiting periods makes sure that they are there to make a sustainable business.

There has been really good reviews from people that have used Neobux and from my side it works too. So good that Neobux has built a good credit with most people. A lot of payment proof from Net Business Rating. It is looking really promising after quite a long time  of supervision from others too.

Unlike other sites similar to Neobux, the threshold to withdraw is rather low actually US$ 2, and the charges are almost unnoticeable.

The Dashboard is clean and easy to use, when you look at the dashboard on Neobux they have worked hard to make it easy to find and check on reports.

They have a good referral system and you can rent referrals as well

This is one of the best Goals Per Click (GPT) sites I have seen in a long time. 

Neobux, Too Good To Be True…

It might be too stringent on their security clearances. For each part they give you a certain waiting period, which might be bad for people depserate for $$$ or good at least you know it is quality.

You do not have written check option to be paid when using Neobux so you will have to open a Payza or Skrill account to start and these also require some time.

I do see some bad reviews out there. Not because of lack of services or no payment received but because they closed down their accounts. This looks weighted but on further inspection some opened multiple accounts and rake in more money which is a no-no in the business as it normally mentions 1 account per person.

Would you Look Into Neobux?

They look like they are here for the long-haul and it seems if you are looking to make some small time money (such as beermoney) and not too dedicated to build a business might be good. Though I highly recommend that you subsidize it with other similar websites and services such as Swagbucks in order to get a good stream of income.

Is there Support Out there for Neobux?

They actually have extensive support from many places that are good. They provide a few FAQ’s and things to get you started so you can check for any queries. They have a forum in which you can ask other users and they seem happy to help. There is also a reddit  and people have watch how Neobux does in the world and it has been really realiable since.

Any Underlying Costs for Neobux?

The Neobux Log-in and signing-up is easy and free to do. They do ask for extra costs if you use their rent referral system and they also have Golden Pack which is sort of like a premium in order to extend their use of rented referrals. This normally costs  US$ 240~840/-per year. Though if you are doing it as extra cash not looking for referrals it shouldn’t worry you too much.

My Final Opinion on Neobux

They seem to be hitting it up and keeping to themselves as legit as possible and seem honestly giving work done to users on their websites. They are also working to be a reputable website by paying on time and putting security access to their features and honestly handling complaints as best they can. It does not seem to be perfect at least it is something you can try out and see for yourself.

Though in order to get a steady flow of income from Neobux you would have to have referrals or rent referrals and get some some extra websites in.

You Can also Check my Swagbucks Review

Still Looking to get a More Longer Lasting Stream of Income? Come Try This!

In Summary Neobux…

Website: www.neobux.com

Owners: NeoDev LDA
Price: Neobux Login is Free but Extra for Renting Referrals
Overall Scam Rank: 70 out of 100

VERDICT: LEGIT as can be, but use it sparingly…

Easy1up Review: Is It Too Good to Be True

I have tried signing up to Easy1up before, but before I could go further there were quite a few alarm bells that made me wary. I looked a little into it and I honestly feel that whoever uses it must be very careful. Here is my review of Easy1up.

The person I came in contact with was too friendly and it just shouted: BEWARE! 

Easy1up Review at a Glance

  • Website: easy1up.com
  • Owners: Peter Wolfing (but his website only gives his name)
  • Overall Rank: 1/5
  • Usability: 2 / 5
  • Support: 2 /  5
  • Inside functions: 1/5
  • Interaction with Users:  2 / 5
  • Overall Rating: 2/10
  • Price: US$ 25 ~ US$ 1,000 (depending on Level)
  • It has some questionable ways to helps users make money. Use with caution

Easy1up, What Does It Have?

There is no tangible product or service it offers to its users at all. The main focus of Easy1up is to recruit members to its ranks and to get money from new users throguh affliates. They mention you can get 4 figure income by rising up their ranks and the only to raise up their ranks is to pay $$$. That is non-refundable and as much as they pertain no guarantees to make money.  

The Good & the Bad & the Ugly

Easy1up is still good, right?

  • There seems to be support from other members that help each other out and give ways to recruit new members to their team. They are really friendly actually.
  • Seems to pay people with affiliate scheme which has high %.Easy1up is still good, right? Y…NO

The Bad:

  • The owner Peter Wolfgang has had a number of systems he has raised up such as Turbo Cycler, Business Toolbox, Infinity 100, Pay Me Forward and National Wealth Center. Though seems that National Wealth Center is the only business left standing. Most of businesses seem to paint itself as money making educational system but it does not give its users enough to go on.
  • The business model seems to be a MLM (Multi-layer Marketing) scheme (you only make money by recruiting others) and does not seem to benefit you unless you are at the top of the scheme. The only problem the scheme does not really give you things tangible to sell so very much like P…p…pyramid scheme.
  • It is full of promises but does not seem to be of any substance, it just seems to really promise these 4 figure income without a good plan to make $$$ accept from promoting them. 
  • It has very few positive reviews and a lot of bad reviews, but they have cleaned it up a bit.
  • No free trial and has no refunds. Really doesn’t give you a choice does it?

The Ugly:

  • The owner has been in quite a few scams already
  • That near-fanatical zealousness does make you want to shout: WAKE UP!
  • Bringing up internet business needs time and effort and not just $$$. Even if you are strapped on cash you should not be left out because you have pay US$1,000 for all the lessons. 

Looking into something that is Down-to-Earth Might look into This…

Who is Easy1up For?

I really finding it hard to recommend it to anyone as they prey on people’s expectations to make money and just too good to be true. They have no alternatives for you to make money and just taking someone’s money without even a good policy is ALARM BELLS to me. 

Easy1up still Has Support

The training does not feel up to scratch and rudimentary at best. To professional marketers they can see that it is not really a legit business model. Others members give some support but that is as good as it gets. At the very least they are friendly and give you as much support as they know how to. The introduction does seem to have a starter on what you can provide some training and direction though most you can get from the internet. 

Easy1up is Pricey

They divide their prices in parts to entice you to get better and better “training”. 

Elevation US$25 – This is suppose to give you the basics of affiliate training.
Elevation US$100
– Gives you more of the cake though just enough not to give a big picture. At least they add free Udemy training to it.
Vertex US$ 250 
– They suppose to give you stronger training on affiliate marketing, but now seems weird: e.g Passion to Profit is lesson. Does not seem as training of substance.
Vertex Elite 
US$ 500 – This them selling you traffic which is a no-no in affiliate marketing.
Vertex Pro “Core” US$ 1,000
– This is where they make you look like a legitimate business. As you can see, the basic lesson of FB branding and business building which should come earlier on is only there when you paid them a lot of $$$. Which most of us do not always have. 

My Thoughts on Easy1up

I seriously find it hard to recommend a product that promises too much without a legit way to grow and flourish your business. Most of the lessons inside their plan seems to be copped out from affliate lingo which is suppose to persuade you and the “elite” RSVP and zeal these coaches have makes it dodgey. 

Seriously, if it is a good product they will always need hard work good planning.

This is What Taught me That… 

In Summary 

Name: Easy1up

Website: Easy1up.com
Owners: Peter Wolfgang
Price: US$ 25 ~ US$ 1,000
Overall Scam Rank: 2/10


Picoworkers Review, Please Read This Before Signing-Up

Name: Picoworkers
Website: picoworkers.com
Price: It is Free to Sign Up
Owners: US Origin (Owners remains anonymous)
Overall Rank: 65 out of 100 (it is promising on Net Business Rating)

What is Picoworkers? Is it A Scam?

Picoworkers is a microjobs website in the similar vein as mTurks and Microworkers. That means that you make do small jobs for the “hirers” then get paid for it and when you pass the threshold passed to your preferable account. Even though, sometimes they delay in payments, but they get paid out in the end. Which is pretty legit, right? READ ON…

What Are the Jobs Like on Picoworkers?

The work inside picoworkers is divided into small tasks and on-going work.

Small tasks may include
– Like a Facebook page
– Share posts on Facebook that you want to spread
– Follow you on Twitter
– Visit websites and learn about various products and services
– Review your products
– Post comments
– Watch videos
– Signing up to a website
– Any other miscellaneous work…
On-going work may include:
– Customer service rep
– Writing tasks on blogs and other online forums
– Providing content for social media profiles
– Creating simple web pages
– Commenting on blogs
– And others…

There seems to be a variety of jobs which anyone can do easily and at the comfort of their home.

What is There to Like About Picoworkers?

It has a variety of jobs that you can choose from which makes doing various tasks exciting. Most of the jobs do not take a lot of time maybe approx. 10mins or so, which is the norm for microjobs out there.

The withdrawal transaction is fairly easy and they use variety of ways to pay such as:
– Amazon Gift Cards
– Via Cheque
– Dogecoin
– Ethereum
– Litecoin
I like these cryptocurrencies as they are easy to exchange on various sites.
– Paypal
– Paysafe.com
This is really good as it offers many ways to pay someone or receive your payment. This is unlike Microworkers which needs your address to send a PIN and then to activate which takes really long. Seriously how long do you need to wait to get paid US$ 10? Or give your address out

It is rated promising on the Net Business Rating and reports most if not all have received their payments.

The have high standards, they prefer that workers keep 75% completed work within the 5 months or they have penalties. This means that both sides are happy with the job and it helps with your rating overall.

They have a good referral system which helps you make extra $$$ from finding others for them.

What’s the Problem with Picoworkers?

The fees are high :
–  Amazon Gift Cards 3%
– Via Cheque US$ 5
– Dogecoin 5.9%
– Ethereum 6.9%
– Litecoin 5.4%
I like these cryptocurrencies as they are easy to exchange on various sites.
– Paypal 3.25%
– Paysafe.com US$ 1
Which means for a payment of US$ 5~10 it is a bit off putting for some workers, though they have to run a business as well.

For the amount of work done the pay is still not high enough and then you still have to pay the fees. The you might as well try other things like online surveys or watching ads.

There is bit of competition out there and it is hard to get all the work done. Sometimes your work might not be accepted at all.

They remain anonymous owners of the Picoworkers. The company is called Octobrain Inc., though the address seems to be  addresses for various businesses.

Some of the microjobs done is ok, but some are not all jobs really as legit. Most are just ways to attract clicks or users so you can buy their products or make money for their clicks which is mentioned as a no-no on some terms and conditions. So choose WISELY.

Is Picoworkers for YOU?!

If you are looking for a part time gig that pays around US$ 30~ 50, this might be for you. They have confirmed payments and look to becoming a trustworthy site. Though…

I do NOT RECOMMEND IT… as I feel Swagbucks might be better.

Or you can check out my recommended way of making 4 figure business. 

Will they Provide Training in Picoworkers?

They do not provide a step by step program on how to complete your tasks. Though, most of the tasks are easy and should not take to long to get a hang of. There are a few support forums and guides out there that are in-depth and good to look at especially Net Business Ratings.

Do they have Any Hidden Costs?

Signing-up is fairly easy and there are no hidden costs to log-in to Picoworkers. The also give you US$ 0.75 to use on other jobs you can think of, maybe referring more to their cause is what they look for.

My Final Opinion of Picoworkers

I personally do not recommend Picoworker as to me it is very little money for amount of work done. I feel that the website itself is up and coming and they need more time to streamline their stuff and to make it easier for people to make money.  Though for people who  want to make an extra few bucks it might be something to look at though use CAUTION.

Check out my recommended way of making 4 figure business. 

Summary of Picoworker

Name: Picoworkers
Website: picoworkers.com
Price: It is Free to Sign Up
Owners: Octobrain Inc. US Origin (Owners remains anonymous)
Overall Rank: 65 out of 100 (it is promising on Net Business Rating)

VERDICT: LEGIT, though not highly recommended

BTCClicks Scam? Money Making Way or Time Wasting Ticker?

BTCClicks.com Review at a Glance

Name: BTCClicks
Website: BTCClicks.com
Price: Sign-up Free, though if you want premium mBTC 1.485 (US$ 7.8)
Owners: UNKNOWN (A bit fishy here)
Overall Rank: 45 out of 100 (ALERT)

So What is BTCClicks All About

Basically BTCClicks is a platform that you can earn bitcoin by viewing ads and getting paid for 10~30 second ads for (0.00006mBTC ~0.00009mBTC per ad). It sounds easy right? Though it has limitations, it only gives you 11ads and the threshhold is bit high. Though it is fast and you can do it within 10mins during the day. Though there are warning signs!!!

BTCClicks, What makes it Good?

Takes a short time in the day to do to earn Bitcoins. In a a span of 10~30 seconds you get to watch ads that they provide from their ad buyers then they send you mBTC. It is not really hard and and you can browse through 11 of the advertisements easily in 10min. So it sounds easy enough.

They have referral program that gives you approx. 50% of what the referral makes which is pretty generous for refferal program. That means you earn from them as well.
– If you do not have refferals they also have a function for you to rent refferals for a certain time.

It is fairly easy to sign up. All you need is All you need is a bitcoin wallet (which everyone has or you can open on CEX.io or Localbitcoin are the one’s I found very reliable), email address and verification. There, you are done. That takes about 5minutes all together.

This is Where Good Parts End

There has been complaints of the payout system being faulty recently. There have been some who received their bitcoin payments but few more others that have found that some payments have been lagging or non-existant at all. Everyone wants to get pain it is hard if there is only 60% let alone 90% of that happening (as it means always a chance you will not get paid) – not good if you are looking to be a legit advertiser.

The background of the company is not really clear and they do not put much effort to hide it (I found scams that do more than them). Looking around in various sites and site sellers, I found out that BTCClicks has been sold around recently so probably they want to make sure everything works out before divulging anything. OR it may be that they are not too sure that they are too legit as well.

It has a high payout threshhold, which is around about 0.1000 mBTC which is around US$ 15 in order to withdraw, while ads are about 0.00007 mBTC/- per ad. This works out to clicking up to  14,285.71 in order to withdraw. Even free bitcoin faucets have a better rate or return that this. This is not really good at all might as well wait few million years if you have no refferals.

There is no support forum for you to use. The really only alternative is Bitcointalk which gives some really good insight into what you are getting into. Apart from that there is nothing inside their website to help others around.

BTCClicks really something you can get into?

If you are looking to get into bitcoin feel you have a little time to spend. You could play around with it, but  there is a high indication they are not doing as well (if it is not a scam) and in order to get your first payment you have to hope your referrals click around 14,000 odd times to get your first payment. It is just not sustainable and people generally just give up within 3~6 months of using it.

Does BTCCLicks provide any support?

Nope, nothing, nadda, really no. They do not even have a walkthrough on their own site. If you are looking for help as I mentioned you can look at other reveiw sites or go to Bitcointalk for any good or bad news on this. A lack of support does mean that the site itself does not really care.

IS there Costs to Sign up to BTCClicks

As mentioned the initial sign-up and starting to click through ads are free and easy to get into. If you apply for a bitcoin wallet and sign-up it only takes around 5 to 10 minutes to get through the whole process. BUT…
– They are trying to encourage more refferals to their cause and have offered Premium for approx. US$ 7/- per month. There you can rent refferals, get a better referral programs.

My Final Opinion of BTCClicks…

Bitcoin is falling on definitely falling on hard times and it shows in all the bitcoin things you can do and it becomes hard to be generous after all the hype. That is the same of BTCClicks. They have been fairly reliable when Bitcoin was at its best but have also fallen on hard times (evidenty in their lack of payments). Though their lack of clarity and support rings SCAM and that is not a good business model to follow. I see they tried but definitely not recommend for anyone who wants to make money online.

If you want to look into it I felt that Affiliate Marketing was a really good way to make a business on line at home. You can check it out. 

So in Summary about BTCClicks.com

Website: BTCClicks.com
Price: Sign-up Free, though if you want premium mBTC 1.485 (US$ 7.8)
Overall Scam Rank: 45 out of 100

VERDICT: NOT LEGIT! Scam Alert, be cautious when committing to this.

Is Optavia Legit Way? Or Overpriced way to Lose Weight?

My Optavia Review

Review at a Glance
 Optavia LLC
Website: www.optavia.com
Price: Starter price US$ 199 with US$ 99 recurring and more on other foods
Owners: Dr. Wayne Andersen & subsidiary of Medifast
Overall Rank: 55 out of 100

Optavia, is it really for ME? 

It is best suited for people who want to lose weight and at the same time make some money as coaches.

What is the Optavia About?

The company itself is a health company that provides you with the essentials on easy ways to lose weight and provide coaches that help walk your way into a diet that suits you. It was founded in 2002 (and at first named Take Shape for Life)  by Dr. Wayne Andersen and Bradley T. MacDonald (the latter the old CEO of Medifast). The company itself is listed as a subsidiary for Medifast in itself has a long history of weight loss in US.

How they want you to Make $$$: The Pay it Forward Plan

Inside their package they also provide ways in order for you to an Optavia coach. It is  a typical MLM scheme in that after you see the success you have you are trained to be a coach and in turn refer them to your friends and family or just disperse their diet plan to others in general. You can see their compensation plan over here.

What Makes it a Good Plan?

With a history of being in the health and weight loss industry it has built a name for itself. If you are looking for a scam most have a very short life-span as they are generally unsustainable but Optavia has lasted until now. It is also good to note:
– They have a A+ rating at better business rating
– It seems to be recommended by approx. 20,000 doctors since it began

Optavia uses a simple meal plan that people in general can follow. These simple meal plans and “fuels” consist of milkshakes, bars, mac’n cheese, pancakes and brownies, which generally everyone likes. Their “fuels” are meal replacements that:
– High quality proteins – help retain lean muscle mass
– Probiotic – support digestive health
– High in fiber, low in carbohydrates & sugar
– Contains 20% of your daily vitamins & minerals
– No artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservations
– Gluten-Free
– Non-GMO
Backed by medical professionals and people who have lost weight due to using the diet. That is pretty legit.

They provide a compensation plan which is rather straightforward and looks to the benefit of those who enrol. They do not put too much emphasis on enrolling instead more so on their product and support. Where most of these plans focus on recruiting more to to their cause, Optavia is more into sales of the right plan for each person.

It has 30-day money back guarantee – no one really wants to be pushed to use a product and Optavia does not do that. If people are not satisfied with the plan they pay you back, which is good.

What I Don’t like About the Plan…

It is not really long-term sustainable from my point of view. We know that apart form a good diet a person needs to exercise to work together with that in order to lose weight. Could people like you & me really maintain such a diet without giving up. Really hard to keep at it.

It is pretty pricey for a diet plan. Yes, these plans are tailor-made for each diet a health coach might recommend but after the 1st package of US$ 199 they other foods are really expensive if want to keep to diet that is comprised of calorie difference intake.

Health Coaches are not really medical professionals (most of them aren’t). They are really just customers who have tried the diet plan and selling it hard to others. Though they are not qualified dietians or nutritionists and the advice they give will not always adhere to medical practices.

The taste is not what you would expect. They all sound like good foods though some have weird taste, though they are presenting new stuff which be more palatable for everyone. Though be prepared to shift and change your meals and fuels.

IS Optavia really Worth It?

It is truly different from other MLM’s in that they concentrate more on the products itself where most will try concentrate on enrolling new members (which they pay you for). Their meal plans and “fuellings” do work and there has been reports that people have lost weight by sticking to there plan. It might replace some meals but generally you still need to buy other foods as well and other stuff and it is an extra expense if you really want to try it out. So if you really want to lose weight you can try it, though is it a long term plan. Not really.

Can I really make Money from Optavia?

It is a well-documented fiet plan and it has incentives for Health Coaches, Business Coaches and Business Leaders. WHat is truly different is that they concentrate on sales of the products instead of recruiting and enrolling. Though in order to keep it up though:
– You need to pay US$ 199 for the initial package
– Then you pay a monthly fee of US$ 99 for keeping the subscription
– You also have to buy a lot of their products in order to keep the orders up

If you really want to start making money with Optavia, there are a lot of costs involved and it is something I really do not recommend if you are just doing it for the money.

A better plan I can recommend is affliate marketing which has more ways for you to make money. 

My Final Opinion of Optavia

It has a really reputable background and if you are looking to lose and make money at the same time it might be good for you to try it out.

Though if you are looking to just make money on the deal it is not really recommended with all the costs involved.

It is not really something for me as keeping eye on what I eat and exercise has helped me lose weight, though some people might need a push with Health Coach if you need that Optavia provides a platform.

In Short…

Name: Optavia
Website: www.optavia.com
Price: Starter price US$ 199 with US$ 99 recurring and more on other foods
Owners: Dr. Wayne Andersen & subsidiary of Medifast
Overall Rank: 55 out of 100

VERDICT: LEGIT. Not a sham, and has the background to back it up.