6 Ways to Make Money From Home


We live in the world of the internet, there is no easier way to make money than online at the moment. Making money has never been easier than it is in this decade.

Though you are still not sure what to do?

It doesn’t technically need to be rocket science.

Where do I start? What do I do? What is the best fit for me? If you are a down on your luck grad students, single parent looking to make ends meat or just a retiree who is looking to make an extra buck or two, here are some ways to make money from home**.


Starting an Online Business by Blogging (Affiliate Marketing)

This is the fail safe way to make a steady stream of income. It is as easy as having internet and putting the time into really creating your own business. It is great for anyone who wants to get a steady income coming into their accounts and are ready to take the time to set it up initially.

Admittedly this is still working from home and needs effort to really get it going. Though this is the best way to make money online. Though where to learn the in’s and out’s of affiliate marketing is really important and getting an idea of SEO must be there on things to learn.

I have written few articles about that where you get a start from.

One felt particularly helpful was Wealthy Affiliate. I wrote about it in this article. 


This is also a great way to work from home if you have a specific skill that you are good at. If you are a translator, a web developer, a writer or just someone who wants to use your skills on the sidelines this is a great place to go to. The prices for freelancers online is not too bad the down side is that you will not get work frequently and might have to bid onn certain jobs.

Here are some reviews on freelancing sites that I tried.

Micro Jobs

This is almost similar to online freelancing but normally the user finds people to do some ordinary tasks that are quick to fulfill and reviewed. The feel is also exceptionally less though there still been people who make money out of it as well. Through this method it takes a lot of time to make a little sum of money and is best described as “beermoney”.

The most common ones are mTurk and Microworkers. If you want to see my experience and other instances of it you can check it out.

Paid Surveys

These are also in a similar vein to freelancing and micro-jobs though it is somewhere in between. Basically as the name suggest you are paid to do onlione surveys which large companies will use later as data.

There are quite a few out there the most prominent ones being Swagbucks, but you can take a look at ones that will pay out over here.


This is a great way to make money as well if you have a spare room in your home or some extra space you want to use. The money is also not too bad and the work you have to do is basically cleaning after they leave. .This is great for a person with a full-time job or student and wants to make an extra buck on the side without too much time comittment.

Cryptocurrency Mining & Trading

It became a huge trend and then it became a bubble, then it just stayed. Though bitcoin is showing signs of taking a downturn the other alternative crytocurrencies (such as Dogecoin, Monero or Ethereum) are still doing quite well. You can mine these on your phone, on your gaming computer or build your own miner. There is even cloud mining that is also a steasy stream of income though is affected by prices. Some also trade cryptocurrencies like forex and have made a huge amount of money (can check “bitcoin millionaires”) as it is so volatile.

There is some money to be made from that as well, so I looked into that to review few of the ways to make money from cryptocurrencies.

Honorable Mention: Making Money from Youtube

Some have made money from making viral videos and it is also a booming money-making idea. Though they have strong restrictions and you have to be extrovert for that. There are also other video sites that make money as well apart from Youtube.


There are many ways to make money online it is just picking the one that suits you the most. Selling stuff online, tutoring online or even publishing an ebook. The list is endless.

Do you have other ways to make money online? Any good suggestions for an honest bloke like me? What’s you secret? Feel free to comment on this as well.

**For all the naysayers out there, why not 10 or 12 or 30 ways to make money online. Its because some are almost the same. I find 6 is better as you can concentrate on just a few at a time and these are the best.

***If you find better ways I will expand on them.